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Label illustration | 3D Models
朝の接吻 Fruit Drinks
Product Modeling
These images showcase our ability to produce full 3-D product mock-ups for proposals, commercial advertising or a plethora of other applications. The scene was created, lit & shot entirely in 3-D software, so it can be animated or viewed from any angle. All object models, textures & label illustrations are 100% original; we do not employ the use of externally created materials. While this may increase our production time slightly, it enables us to retain the copyright for all imagery rendered. This enables us to offer our clients the option of purchasing exclusive image rights if they desire/require them. Total production time was approximately 36 hours (non-consecutive) from initial concept to online upload. In addition, this also displays our willingness & ability to work beyond the constraints of borders. We have worked internationally with clients are quite fond of expanding our international portfolio.