Space Jungle

  • As the LSD settled in, the land began to breath.
    she looked out across the desolate mojave with a sense of tranquility,
    her intoxicated mind sending a deluge of feelings and obscure thoughts.
    Nostalgic apprehensions of contentment, destruction, romance and rebirth plant deep into her brain.
    She realized the wool over her eyes, her idiosyncrasies and what she had to do.
    Everything was clear.

    This is a showcase of my latest work for Sestra A Bratr, an oregon based fashion company.
    The concept requested was a mixture of "Assyrian, acid trip-esk, thermonuclear and 60's mod."

    Fashion/color palette/printing by: Jordan Martinak
    Illustrations/design by: Space Jungle
    Photography by: open sources

  • Here is some music to listen to while you look around.
    Feedback and sharing is appreciated, thank you!
    Artist: Dirty Beaches
    Song: Lord knows best

  • Open Minded.

  • Pattern design pt.1

  • Pattern design pt.2

  • Pattern design pt.3

  • Pattern design pt.4 
    (Tiger Trap Print)

  • Bloom.
  • Concept board design.

  • Both sides.
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