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    The area of intersection of the streets Card. I Hossu and V.Alecsandri is a meeting point of several urban tissues,different historically, morphological, spatial, being in different correlation relationships or opposition.We translated this coexistence through a common code of which derive appropriate meanings for each urban architectural element basis.
    Fluency - main channel and route traffic, clear reading volumes of buildings built by the Catholic Church, but also elements that participate in these characteristics careful by hiding some volumes.
    Affluence - a traffic jam created exceeding infrastructure, abundance in constructed buildings.
    INFLUENCE-dimensional dominance more recently built volumes 'outside' historical context .
    By this juncture we assumed a role of mediation for the resolution of contradictions on a microurban level
    The flow of activities in this area does not meet integrity is one of the reasons of mismatch in construction time. This proposal suggests an expansion of pedestrian space and pedestrian dynamics from the object to be translated into a volume built throw: individual placement of the built that allows free movement all around and creating ramps, both internally and at the exterior leading to free routes, being able to explore the building, and the relationship with the city through many trajectories, from different perspectives.

    Although the project has a compositional language different from the old registry structures of buildings and decor from the end of the nineteenth century rigid geometry of socialist constructions, in order to have a result similar to the perceptual level, namely the idea of ​​stability is maintained through continuity curves through an outer-inner volumetric reading easy and linked.
    The volumetry is composed of opposite-concave and convex shapes. At street level the building fits, public space with an inner continuity in creating an insight into convexity between the two main entrances. Space expands in concave shapes, with work areas to allow flow into geometric constraints.
    The proposed object has character  -------  narrator urban scene with a role of information and affirmation.
    Mihai - Coman Horia & Zgavarogea Stefan
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