Gabriel Trindade Alves

Art Director

New York, NY, USA
Branding enthusiast, award winning designer, honored master’s graduate, strategic thinker, process-driven creative, devoted partner, aspiring writer, frustrated musician, collaborative leader, weekend illustrator, committed manager, history student, talent admirer; and always tirelessly striving to improve his own self and work.

Work Experience


Art Director

Lead position on both design and strategy fronts, working with designers, artists, developers, copywriters, sales teams and marketers in order to create a coherent/efficient strategic vision for products/companies with various business objectives. Responsibilities include: helping create comprehensive, multifaceted brand platforms and rebranding strategies; developing and holding presentation/meetings; art direction; overseeing design production and high-level copy writing; planning and managing complex production schedules; providing work direction to staff; and co-creating and supervising a new holistic process that became a driver for the company’s design approach.
July 2015 - Present New York, New York, United States


Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer helping Fortune's 100+ companies meet goals by identifying approaches that satisfy their strategic and operational requirements and by creating visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or captive users/viewers. Projects simultaneously include print and digital medias in various forms, and require the involvement of a big, complex and an energetic team-based effort to be accomplished within the given time and the company's high-stardards.
December 2013 - July 2015 New York, United States

Pratt Institute

Teaching Assistant

I’ve had the pleasure to work as a TA at Pratt’s Masters Program. During spring as Alisa Zamir’s Visual Communications 2 TA, and during Fall in Kevin Gatta’s Visual Communications 2 class. During this one year experience responsibilities included lecturing classes, grading students, art directing academic projects, and helping sustain an collaborative and productive class environment.
January 2013 - Present New York, New York, United States


Freelance Designer

I work as a freelance and in-house freelance Designer since the end of Epiphany Design. I've been part of various projects in different fields of graphic design, such as Branding, App Design, Editorial Design, and Motion Design. The responsibilities of this position might require leading and managing skills as well as responsibility on creating visual content and implementing communication strategies. The goal of such projects are to visually convey and solidify an employer/client’s unique brand values or to amplify specific target messages for a campaign. I've had the pleasure to get involved with projects/companies such as:

- Thoughtlab
- Artissima
- Gijig
- Utah Food Services
- Lagoa Investiments
- University Ventures Fund
- Bigdata Corp.
- 7th Art Group
- FicTix
- Dom Productions
- Rio Athletic Management
- Stoneage Tech
- RTM Advocates
- Medical Compass
January 2011 - December 2013 New York, New York, United States

Epiphany Design


Co-owner and Lead designer of a graphic design company called Epiphany Design in Rio de Janeiro, with Master in Design Management Renato da Fonseca. The company was created with the purpose to provide a fresh graphic design service to the local industry, by enhancing client's vision with smart strategic choices and appealing visuals. Responsibilities included managing projects and client relationships, idea generation and creative production, and art direction/design (editorial, web design). The Company ended after two years of existence due to my move to NYC to start my Master's program.
October 2009 - July 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

StoneAge Tech

Graphic Designer / Interactive Designer

Stone Age tech is a big data analytics company based in Rio de Janeiro. As the lead graphic designer in their brilliant team, I was responsible for: Developing engaging and human-centered UI and UX; Branding internal and external products; Designing promotional material and stationary system internally and for products; and art directing an outside vendor responsible for designing the company's new website and internal managing tools.
January 2008 - November 2010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Graphic Design Intern

Modulo8 was an small but promising advertisement agency based in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Due to it's small size, I was able to be extremely hands-on and learn directly from Modulo8's experienced owners, Nilza Rezende and Lena Chave, while dealing with everyday graphic design problem-solving. Responsibilities included: Development all the identity for the social media project called "Dr. Murilo": web design, illustration and brand identity; Designing prints, advertisements, logos for various companies and marriage invitations.
January 2007 - December 2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pratt Institute

MS in Communications Design

Graduated with honors (GPA 3.85)
January 2006 - December 2010 New York, Brazil


BA in Graphic Design

January 2006 - December 2010 Brazil


English (Fluent),
Portuguese (Native),


Horizon Interactive Awards

Best of Category - Self Promotion/Portfolio


Graphic Design USA

Merit in Print Category


Graphic Design USA

Merit in Annual Report Category


Graphic Design USA

Merit in Print Category


Graphic Design USA

Merit in Interactive Design Category


Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute Circle Award



Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop,

There is no creativity without purpose

This thought is a "mantra" in my life as a designer and in how I approach every new project, and it basically means that it doesn't matter if something looks amazing if it is not communicating the proper message to the right audience. Our sole mission as communicators is to connect ideas/products/services with their audiences, and without understanding the essence of what we are dealing with, and most importantly, to whom, we are merely creating new forms of self expression, which defines arts, not design.

That being said, I like to see myself as a heavily strategic creative thinker, in which every decision has to have a reason justified by research, and with a specific goal. I'm proud to state that I helped companies that I've worked for to solidify their communication process by introducing interview techniques, messaging and storytelling drivers and high-level brand positioning tools.

I'm heavily inspired by immersive techniques, collaborative activities, and although I'm still very much a hands-on designer, I'm extra committed with what we creatives call, the "discovery phase".


Encode defends that Designers are not be responsible by the outcome itself, but by the system that conceives it. This process should be able to provide the project with a sense of purpose and authenticity regarding the true nature of the Design Challenge by bringing the spotlight upon people and their needs, instead of having a distant and unconnected approach to the problem. But what is this system? How to achieve empathy, to begin with?

Favorite Saying

“Man is, above all things, what he creates” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry