Floriane LBTY

Graphic designer

I am a passionate, active and perfectionist graphic designer. My evolving skills enables me to carry out different projects on many media.

I am 24 and I obtained an HBO in Graphic Design in 2014. I work as a graphic designer for more than 3 years and I have organized multidisciplinary events and exhibitions to promote local artists in Toulouse.

I think design can integrate nowadays societal problems, to offer sustainable solutions. Passionated for photography, philosophy and architecture, I love to design projects which seek to develop the ability of publics to think critically.

Work Experience

Nagual (music & Event)

Art Creative Director

Nagual has become a well know name on the Toulouse electronic scene, and has a growing influence both nationally and internationally through its label development.

Main accountabilities:


• Developed monthly exhibitions

• Designed bi-annual events’ scenography
• Conceived web’s contents

• Prepared and designed brochures and press materials

• Supervised Synesthesia festival (5000-8000€ budget)

• Coordinated cultural actions and programs
• Managed partnership
• Provided training to the interns
• Charged of radio and media interview
• Managed daily administrative tasks
March 2017 - Present Toulouse, France

Aparté (arts And Culture)

Art Creative Director

Aparté aims to promote the young and emerging local scene. It organize alternatifs and motley events, and explore the cultural and urban life of Toulouse by a webzine.

Main accountabilities:

• Conceived visual identity, flyers & posters for every events
• Designed scenography
• Developed monthly exhibitions
• Prepared and designed brochures and press materials


• Supervised Croisées Créatives festival (3000-5000€ budget)

• Managed daily administrative tasks
August 2015 - June 2017 Toulouse, France

Ombres Blanches (bookshop)


Ombres Blanches is probably one of the most respected bookshops in the region. Created in 1975, this independent book-shop propose a huge stock of books carefully picked by well read librarians, and offer free daily conferences with authors.

Main accountabilities:

• Assembled and arranged floor displays to promote books
• Assisted infrastructure processes and procedures (inventory acquisition, order fulfillment, order processing)
• Trained new cashier

• Assisted daily authors’ conference


• Designed posters, signages, visit card and flyers

• Conceived shop window scenography
June 2014 - February 2017 Toulouse, France

Komposit (music, Event)

Co-founder & Graphic designer

Komposit is an artists' collective based in Toulouse.

Main accountabilities:


• Conceived visual identity
• Designed flyers & posters for monthly events

• Prepared and designed brochures and press materials


• Supervised monthly events

• Managed daily administrative tasks
December 2014 - December 2015 Toulouse, France


Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques

Graphic Design BTS (equivalent to HDN Higher National Diploma)

Main subjects : Identity, editorial & interface design, Image, Typography, Media and communication strategy, Fine Arts, Philosophy.
September 2012 - July 2014 Toulouse, France

Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques

Upgrade classes in Applied Arts

Main subjects : Graphic Design, Sketch & Colors, Space design, Fine Arts, Physics.
September 2011 - July 2012 Toulouse, France

Toulouse Lautrec Highschool

Economics & Social Sciences Highschool diploma

Option Mathematics, Japanese, Arts.
September 2009 - July 2011 Toulouse, France


Design, Good Communication, Illustration, Illustrator, InDesign (Advanced), Mac OS, Photography, Photoshop (Advanced), Piano & Guitar, PremierePro (intermediate), Scenography, Windows,


• Sensibilité Géométrique
This book is a feeling lexicon, which presents 10 feelings with abstracts compositions. This is a black & white project, focusing on the shapes’ experience.

• Enigmatic
This is an introduction to my project «Géométrisation». I explore the relation between landscape and géométrie composition. Deserted and dreamlike, I work them with my geometric perspective.

• Géométrisation
I am passionate by facades, lignes and pattern. I love building, with a graphic perspective. My roommate was bored by the view from our window, so I started to take pictures of « my viewpoint » of this building to show him. For now, I edited 6 volumes.