Coronado, CA, USA
June 2013 - Your attention thrills me. I feel honored to be in this company, especially as it circles the globe. I can't believe the incredible art I follow here. New projects - created right now and that I can see and dream of and be moved by. Then I get to emeet the artist. I follow people around the world now here at Behance. I get all kinds of ideas here.

My dream was to post my photo essays online so that people from far away could see this magic place I live. I used to dream of Southern California and now I've lived on this beautiful island on The Pacific for twenty years. The last two years have been spent photographing everything at a frantic pace. Then I started the "How To" stuff to illustrate my blog posts about my weight loss, so that might distract from my real purpose here. I really want to know if this interests you if you are far away and have never seen California in person. Does this look like it to you?

It took me two years after I lost the weight to lose the fear and excuses and post my art. Now you can't stop me.

My goal now is to stay fit and healthy, have fun and keep creating to help others lose weight through healthy eating and intense exercise they chose and enjoy.

My photos and words and videos here tell how that's going.

I researched for months and found Behance recommended for someone like me with so much work to process and post. Little did I know the talent my developing portfolio work would sit next to. I was scared to come here already. Losing 130 pounds and becoming half my size at the age of 51 has been very exhilarating yet terrifying. My whole life changed in the middle of it. The only way I could go out in the world when half of me was gone was with my camera, so that's how I did it.

My Behance Portfolio is the result and record of my journey from obese to thin and healthy. Now it's a record of everything happening in my new thin life so that you may be inspired too. My life in "How To" tutorials for you to please come along if you are not feeling well and not at your best weight. This is easy and you will like it.

What I do is so much better than what I used to do. You can certainly do it too.

I don't know if I would have been brave enough to go ahead if I had known you were here like this; so professional and clear and talented and diverse. I'm so glad I found this place.

I've learned so much since April 2013 when I joined Behance.

Lucky, lucky me.

Work Experience


Many years of increasingly responsible Accounting Positions

I was rarely self-employed, and Coronado is just where I am now. No job in my thirty year career lasted longer than the winner at seven years. Most were under a year - a few months helping at tax time, for example. I moved states frequently until I had my son twenty years ago and came here to the beach to raise him.

I started bookkeeping at twenty years old and then did accounting and then did more advanced accounting and then did different accounting and then did some more accounting after that. Sometimes the job had a different title, like Financial Analyst, but I know what I was doing. I love to sit in my head and figure out numbers. It's a lot like sorting and editing photos.

I've had about 60 paying positions in my accounting career. Those jobs exposed me to hundreds of other clients and satellite ventures and crazy schemes. I have a broad knowledge base and I am interested in everything. This makes that job a good fit for me.

I loved it and I miss it, but I am doing this now.

I also taught little kids to ski at a resort one strange year and delivered flowers to office workers downtown on foot.
November 1979 - Present Coronado, California, United States


Palm Beach Community College

AA Business Management

I was going part-time and working full-time. I became a bookkeeper through this training. Here's my only art class: Art Appreciation. I loved that class and learned a lot. I started paying attention to Art - especially The Impressionists, Asian Art and 20th Century work.
September 1983 - June 1987 Lake Worth, Florida, United States

Florida Atlantic University

BBA in Accounting

I am proud of this one. FAU was one of the highest passing schools on the CPA exam at that time. I'm happy to say I passed at the first try. This program crunched my brain and I learned nothing about art that comes to mind. I did terrible at Marketing and I still look for wisdom in that area.
July 1987 - August 1989 Boca Raton, Florida, United States

California Lutheran University

MBA in Financial Planning

I got my MBA Online in a difficult program. It was hard to do scholastically and as a person. I was a full-time Military Contractor at the time with demanding work including lots of travel. My teenager was not impressed with me. I was at my most obese these years. No art here.
August 2006 - May 2008 Thousand Oaks, California, United States


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