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柯斐励(Filippo Cardella) 是一位生活在北京的意大利设计师、艺术家,生于1984年。

1998年的一天,14岁的他无意间来到了城市的一座废弃的建筑中,在这里音乐、毒品、政治立场、老派朋克和新生代的交际家和谐共处,但最吸引他的却是废弃墙面上的一… Read More
柯斐励(Filippo Cardella) 是一位生活在北京的意大利设计师、艺术家,生于1984年。



Filippo Cardella is a Beijing based designer and artist born in the Italian peninsula in the Orwellian year 1984.

In 1998 he bumped into a squat held in an abandoned building of his city. Music, drugs, political stances, old punks and a new generation of ravers coexisted in the same place but what captured his imagination were the ‘pieces’ that writers left on the wall of the old house. Since that day his interest in vandalism has never abandoned him: he studied the movement, he met some of its leading exponents and he developed an original critical analysis of this controversial art form.

Because of his work as a designer he lived all around the world: Buenos Aires, Singapore, New York and finally Beijing. These megalopolis inspired him to develop a series of art projects that explore the complex social behaviours and power dynamics within the rigid grid of the urban landscape. Read Less
  • Graphic Designer
    La Sterpaia Studio — Italy
  • Graphic Designer
    Oliviero Toscani Studio — Italy
  • Graphic Designer
    Furia World — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    Gallagher & Associates Asia — Singapore, Singapore
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    Freelancer — New York, NY, USA
  • Senior Graphic Designer
    Ralph Applebaum Asociates Asia — Beijing, China
  • Art Director
    Comper — Beijing, China
  • Design Director
    Zanadu — Beijing, China
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