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Graphic Designer and Marketing Analyst with 7-years background. Passionate about Branding and Design, I have knowledge and experience in design tools for graphic and digital design, illustration, marketing and communication, video, brand management and social media. Fluent English with international experience.
  • Graphic Design (Training Analist)
    Adcos Cosméticos — São Paulo, Brazil
  • Graphic Designer
    NED Training Centre — Dublin, Ireland
  • Designer and Marketing Analyst
    Banco BI&P — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Freelancer Art Director
    BF CARRARA — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
    MegaDealer Network Development — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Art and Marketing Assitant
    Megadealer Best Management — Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Marketing Internship
    Megadealer Best Management — Sao Paulo, Brazil
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