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The Fanstudio firm’s creative project as an indoor-outdoor furniture editor, is born from the need of a young interdisciplinary joint of passionate creatives (architects, designers, interior designers, publicists, photographers, sculptors, painters, artists formed in any discipline and engineers) of showing their… Read More
The Fanstudio firm’s creative project as an indoor-outdoor furniture editor, is born from the need of a young interdisciplinary joint of passionate creatives (architects, designers, interior designers, publicists, photographers, sculptors, painters, artists formed in any discipline and engineers) of showing their feelings, of materializing their ideas and their personalities in furniture pieces and collections of indoor-outdoor art, within a limitless frame for creativity. This team, formed by art and design professionals, leaded by the architect and designer, Jorge Goval, decided to unite their experiences, their knowledge and their art under the umbrella of an interdisciplinary creative space where limits were only those of their own talent to create and design.

The Fanstudio S.L. society and its commercial brand, Fanstudio, were registered in the year 2010, but it has been for over three years, since 2007, that this gigantic creative project has been brewing.

By that time, the young architect and designer, Jorge Goval, was designated, together with his team from Govalarquitectura (Atelier Goval), as creative director, as director of Fanstudio’s art, and has been given, from the firm, total freedom to organize its content. There will be no limits to production or its costs, freedom to create and to expression. Only three conditions have been given from Fanstudio:

1. THE BEST DESIGNS ONLY; innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, honest, durable in time, detailed, environmentally friendly.



These three conditions have become a standard in the Fanstudio firm and it will be maintained, only, if they are strictly and simultaneously fulfilled. The three premises of designing and working with the best designers, materials and artisans, have provided a very different vision of the project and other editors in the market. Limits of creativity have been expanded, not being enclosed by the yoke of restrictions of cost and production, escaping from the “industrialization” concept, a much more artistic process, more handcrafted. Artists, designers and artisans had only to care for injecting all their passion within to the project, to “enjoy the ride” throughout all of the creative process, without worrying about anything else. That is exactly how Fanstudio’s claim is born, it, undoubtedly, defines the essence of the work behind it, “Enjoy the Ride”, enjoy the path, have fun while you walk it through and don’t care for anything else. This condition of absolute creative freedom without any apparent limits, turned designs into, almost, pieces of art from the best designers, working with the best raw materials and elaborated only by the hands of the most specialized and recognized craftsmen, quickly positioning the product in the market. Logically, an expensive production, with artists and artisans behind it, and that’s how it was done, loyal to the compromise of not fencing creativity in design or quality of the final product.

Fanstudio is then born, a young firm, fresh, different and willing to occupy a place in market that was legitimately theirs, offering a design product, always immaculate and of an outstanding quality.

These were the premises to all the Open Collections by Fanstudio (Zero, Laminart, Iwa, Swan, D.S.) where each piece, to make it recognizable and different, will have always an associated serial number, which would allow to locate its history at any moment. Taking a step even further, conferring, if possible, a greater projective and constructive freedom, a fifth collection emerged, aimed to harbor all products considered innitialy unfeasible, in an open collection. A transgressive design and construction, a totally artistic collection, which will group the limited edition products under the name of “ 99 Limited Edition Collection”, though only 99 pieces would be created of each, conferring it of a character of exclusiveness highly associated to the firm.

Actually, Fanstudio proposed, from the very beginning, the possibility to offer some of their pieces, once manufactured, to those artists and designers who decided so, to personalize, to customize, to add a differentiating note that would close the creative process. It pretended to offer support to graphic designers or those related to the fashion world or any other artistic branch, to collaborate with the design, obtaining, this way, an even more exclusive product, offering, at the same time, a chance to everyone of participating in its projects.

All those customizations, all the collaborations between Fanstudio and fashion and graphic designers, and formed artists from any branch, will be collected in its most emblematic, exclusive and differentiated collection “99 L.E. Collection”.

This differentiation, in a limited edition, will brand, even further, Fanstudio’s separating view from other competence firms.

On the other hand, focused, from the start, in topics such as sustainability, Fanstudio imposed an environmentally friendly production policy and established the condition that, in behalf of their possibilities, the manufacturing –without resigning to the handcrafted work of its products– would try to reduce environmental impact as much as possible in every step of production and delivery. From Fanstudio’s management, as established in the company’s articles of association, it has been decided to assign a percentage of net income to social works. Fanstudio is meant to turn into a reference firm in a historical moment where, undoubtedly, artists will reoccupy the place they disserve in the social frame. The “factory” concept worked for some time, but it is now time for a new concept of business, more human, relying on people and their capacities; it’s the time for Fanstudio, enjoying work and, with its result, its just the time to:

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