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Please, excuse my simple and dark designs but I got eye floaters and the clear colours really bothers me.
Thank you for understanding.

Por favor, perdona mis diseños simples y oscuros pero tengo miodesopsias y en los colores claros me molestan mucho.
Gracias por comprender.
  • Diseñador gráfico
    Tarjeta Naranja — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Graphic Desginer
    Tradicional Old School Clothing — Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Graphic Designer
    Santa Guadalupe Clothing — Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Dark romanticism | Trve kvlt black metal | Seinen manga |
90's Emo | Asian horror movies | Post-Punk | Witchcraft |
Geometry | Black anarchism | Goth THUG | Graffiti vandal |
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