Eric Torres

Art Director

Phoenix, AZ, USA
As a child of the 80's, I feel privileged to have witnessed the advent of so many important milestones of technology and pop culture. First was color television, then my first video game system and then, the internet (to name a few).

Now, as a husband, father and full-time "kidult", I seek to hold on to all that made growing up special. Wonder, imagination, and never fearing to ask "what if". Sure I have adult size concerns, but bringing my own sense of youthfulness to the design projects I undertake is an important part of my process.

It's my goal to have maintain a portfolio which represents the kind of work I love to do, which may not always be the kind of work I do to make a living! Merging design, illustration, and story is my mission. In the end, I'm a regular guy living a creative lifestyle.


Work Experience

W.L. Gore & Associates

Design Director

December 2011 - Present Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Eric Imagines

Owner, Illustrator, Designer

January 2007 - Present Buckeye, Arizona, United States


I am a professional member of the AIGA.