Enis Yavuz

Visual content creator.

The idea is very powerful.

Work Experience

Tasarım Fikir


Founder & Designer of Tasarim Fikir Project
January 2021 - Present Istanbul, Turkey

Wizard Medya


Co-Founder and general content producer.

Wizard Medya is a new generation communication agency serving in the fields of digital media, visual and creative content management.

We aim to grow together with our customers in line with our original content, our creativity in creative works, our awareness in digital media and our experience in communication.

We are constantly working and updating our knowledge and technical equipment in order to meet the high competition conditions brought by changing consumer behaviors. Together with a creative team that adopts your projects and takes care of them, we realize your dreams with great care.
March 2019 - Present Izmir, Turkey


Anadolu University

Photography and Videography

Basic and advanced photography training. Light, composition and basic art lessons education. Video technologies and creation. Visual aesthetics theoretical education.
April 2014 - April 2016 Eskişehir, Turkey


Business Administration

Business management and basic leadership training. Resource management. Communication and mass communication courses. Advanced business education.
April 2012 - April 2014 Balıkesir, Turkey


English (Advanced),
Turkish (Native),
Russian (Conversational),


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro , Adobe XD, Basic Level HTML/CSS, Figma, Final Cut, Mıcrosoft Apps, Procreate, WordPress,


Enis Yavuz was born in 1993 in Izmir. He studied at Balıkesir and Anadolu University between 2012 and 2016.

He met with graphic design applications in 2005. He has been actively producing visual content since 2005. In addition to graphic and visual arts, he worked on web technologies and software.

In 2007, he founded the "Üst İnsan" forum site, a community project focused on "philosophy and ideas". Later, he had various initiatives related to technology and the internet.

In 2015, he created a YouTube channel called "Birtakim Filmler" and published the projects he directed in the field of cinema and documentary.

He made new commercial moves in 2019. He started his business life as the founding partner of Wizard Medya Limited Şirketi in İzmir. He has signed many web projects and media content under the roof of this company.

He continues to work actively at Wizard Media company.

At the early of 2021, he founded his personal project "Tasarim Fikir". With this platform, it aims to create a free digital library for designers. This non-profit website has numerous articles and resources on graphic design.