Elsa Kwan

Motion Graphics Designer

Singapore, Singapore

Work Experience

Shin Kushiya Pte Ltd

Marketing Graphics Designer

During the two years of working at Shin Kushiya Pte Ltd, I was tasked to design the Seasonal Menus, redesigned the Set Lunch and Dinner Menus, designed Poster Boards, and other marketing collateral for their restaurants Shin Kushiya and Kiraku. I was also tasked to redesign the Menu boards, designed the layout of the Awning and other marketing collateral for their cafe at Gardens by the Bay, Cafe Crema. As it is a F&B company, I also had to do a bit of food photography for their monthly specials and other marketing collateral.

I had the opportunity to work under both Local Singaporean and Japanese bosses, and had some fun learning a bit of the Japanese language.

One of the last projects I did was to redesign the layout of their newly renovated website for Shin Kushiya.
July 2015 - July 2017


3dsense Media School

Diploma in Animation - Motion Design

During my one year course in 3DSense Media School, I learnt the fundamentals of Motion Design through the assignments I did for various purposes such as branding campaigns and show promotional videos.

Skills I've learnt were mainly Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro) and Maxon Cinema4D.

In term 1, I was tasked to do photo editing and digital collage for branding campaigns, practiced designing for self branding, logos and infographics.

Key assignments included creating and animating an Icon pack of different themes, redesigned the end page logo for Visual Communication, and created a motion design piece for a Branding Identity.

In term 2, I learnt tracking, rotoscoping, parallax 2.5D camera, using After effects. 3D assignments included learning camera movements, lighting and effectors to create a zoetrope, a short promotional piece for an event and a looping geometric piece based on a quote using Cinema4D.

Key assignments included designing and animating typography for a band/singer, green screen video editing (group project) and designing deliverables (ident, menu, donut, lower third, advisements mock ups) for a TV channel branding.

In term 3, I had 4 key assignments. I was tasked to create a promotional video for a TV show, designed GUI infographics for a group project, created a TV commercial video to promote a product and edited and compiled past works together to create a demo reel.

Throughout the course, I found a passion for character design, character rigging, cel animation and digital collage.
November 2017 - November 2018 Singapore

LASALLE College Of The Arts

Bachelor of Arts - Media Art (Animation Art)

I studied the fundamentals of Art and Design in the first year of my foundation course. In my second year, I experimented different types of Animation, such as Stop Motion (Paper, Clay, White Board), Cel Animation (Pencil on Paper), 3D Animation (Autodesk Maya) and Video Editing (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro).

I also got to learn Maquette Sculpting and a bit of Character Building through acting lessons.

As I started to focus more on 2D Animation, during my third year, I learnt how to do storyboarding, practiced drawing character poses based on imagination and real life experiences, experimented colour palettes to suit different moods, learnt how to design characters and layout environments and did short cel animations lasting about 30 seconds each.

During my fourth and final year, I created a short animation film about a minute long.
August 2008 - May 2012 Singapore


English (Fluent),
Mandarin (Conversational),


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro , Maxon Cinema4D,