Martin Zhang

Marketing Director

Jinan, China
I believe in the Law of Attraction. Everyone lives on following his feelings or likes to get what they desire. That's why there are the rich and the poor, different kinds occupations and why we're connected and what we're doing now. In this digital age, we turn to online ways to acquire our suppliers and customers because we believe we can attract each other with the similar or same personalities and qualities even though we are separated by time and space.

I believe there are always some groups of good natures who will do the good in whatever evil societies. And these people will inspire a huge aggregation of Positive Energy and form a powerful tide to push the society forward.

A year ago, my Indian customer told me: It's the man what determines the business, not the contract. That's also what I insist. I believe selling should first be a help and then comes a reward. And you should wholeheartedly RECOGNIZE and LIKE the object you sell, and then you can let it known to the target audiences and shared with them. This is “What is Selling” in my mind and what I’ve been doing all these years on my marketing position although there were some career switches during my past years.

I was a backpacker and cycling hobbyist. I love the outdoor green life. So I come to this fast-growing new venture with a mission that is to share the excellent and world-class electric bicycles with the people who like them. If you’re looking for high quality E-bikes, or even E-cars, golf cart, power wheel chair and other electric utility vehicles, I believe you will come to me and you will be assured that your expectations will be highly valued and perfectly realized.

Work Experience

Shandong Education Press


Editorial working on primary and middle school students' text book and teaching book.
Publication planning and marketing on the books, audio & video products.
Audio&Video cutting and editorial work.
July 2004 - September 2007 Jinan, China

Professional Photographers Of America

Membership Manager in China Region

PPA Membership development and management.

Photographic event, exhibition and activities planning and execution

PPA brand promotion in China.
December 2008 - April 2010 Jinan, China

Jinan Vachance Laser Technology

International Marketing

International market expanding strategy execution.
Ads promotion platform construction and management.
Sales Team built-up and leadership.
Sales for IPL hair removal, laser tattoo removal and weight loss beauty equipment.
August 2010 - June 2012 Jinan, China

Shandong Baoya New Energy Vehicle

International Marketing Director

International marketing strategy development and planning implementation.
International Co-partnership and cooperation relationship construction and management.
Marketing team built-up, leadership and management.
Marketing on electric cars, electric bike and electric motorcycle, and other utility vehicles.
June 2012 - Jinan, China


Shandong University Of Finance& Economics

Bachelor's degree

September 2000 - July 2004 Jinan, China


English (Fluent),
Chinese (Native),


Adobe Photoshop, Online Marketing, Photography, SNS Marketing,