Edward Fohrman


Los Angeles, CA, USA
Edward Fohrman is an anesthesiologist living and working in Los Angeles as the CEO of Fohrman Anesthesiology Services, Inc. In his personal life, Edward enjoys music and plays guitar and the piano.

Edward attended Tulane University in New Orleans where he graduated with his degree in Neuropharmacology. He then attended Rush Medical College in Chicago where he graduated with his Doctor of Medicine.

Work Experience

Fohrman Anesthesiology Services


Edward Fohrman is the current founder and CEO of Fohrman Anesthesiology Services, based in Los Angeles, CA. He seeks to provide his patients with the highest quality care. He knows how difficult and frightening surgery can be. Anesthesiologists rarely meet their patients until right before their surgeries. He seeks to take advantage of this time and use it to make his patients more comfortable by exercising empathy. Edward tries to make the experience as efficient and easy for the patient as possible. He is a strong advocate for using cutting edge technology and methods such as ultrasound guided regional anesthesiology.

Edward Fohrman also has a strong interest in how music helps patients and surgeons alike. Music helps reduce anxiety and stress in patients, and also improves the performance of their surgeons.
California, United States