Russ Edmonds

Animator, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer

Acton, CA, USA
Russ is well recognized for his work as a supervising character animator on many of the Disney classic films. His career spans almost three decades and has animated on thirteen feature films such as Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, and The Lion King. Russ was nominated for an Annie Award, for animation of the character Phoebus in the feature Hunchback Of Notre Dame. He also owned and operated his own animation studio, Edmonds Studios, where he directed commercials, and collaborated with other studios on various smaller projects. He has instructed animation at some of the leading film schools such as CalArts and UCLA, passing on his own knowledge and the knowledge from Disney's Nine Old Men. One of Russ' passions is animals. He owned a horse and cattle ranch with his wife, where he studied locomotion and behavior in wild and domestic animals. Presently Russ is working as a story artist creating pre-production for feature films.

Work Experience

Paramount Pictures

Story Artist

November 2014 - Present

Walt Disney


• "Winnie The Pooh" -- Animator -- Pooh, Tigger
• "The Princess and the Frog" -- Lead Animator, Character Designer -- Marcel, Stella
• "King of the Elves" -- Character Designer

• "Get a Horse" -- Traditional Animator
• "Paperman" -- Final Line Artist

• "Marc Davis 2d-3d Line Test" -- Storyboard Artist, Visual Development
• "The Waterhole" -- Visual Development
• "The Loon and the Turtle" -- Visual Development
• "The Lion Who Lost His Mane" -- Visual Development
• "Petshop" -- Director, Storyboard Artist, Visual Development, Animator

• "Wild About Safety:Timon & Pumbaa" -- Animator -- Timon, Pumbaa
March 2009 - June 2013 Burbank, California, United States

Edmonds Studios Animation

Director, President, Animator

Edmonds Studios Animation is a pre-production / production studio creating animation for commercials, bumpers, promos, interstitial, shorts, specials, and industrial films for film and TV. It provides all or parts of a project including storyboards, character design, animation, layout, music , voice-overs, final color and compositing.
• Storyboard Artist, Designer, Animator – Commercials, Bumpers, Interstitials for PBS Kids, Mattel, General Mills through multiple companies including Curious Pictures, Calabash Animation, Disney Toon Studios, Fallon Worldwide, Little Airplane Productions, Psyop, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Project Firefly Animation Studios

• Director, Producer, Storyboard Artist, Designer, Animator – Television Commercials for Northern CA companies including St. Elizabeth Community Hospital, Auto Doctor, Tuscan Brewing Company, and Turtle Bay Exploration Park

• "Mr Men" and "Slacker Cats" series -- Animator -- Renegade Animation

• "Bubble Guppies"series -- Storyboard Artist -- Wildbrain

• "Curious George" -- Animator -- George, Ted -- Universal Studios
March 2003 - March 2013 Red Bluff, California, United States

Walt Disney

Supervising Animator

• "Home On The Range" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Rico, Willies Brothers

• "Atlantis" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Vinny

• "Tarzan" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Kala

• "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Phoebus

• "The Lion King" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Sarabi, Infant Simba

• "Aladdin" -- Animator -- Animator

• "Beauty And The Beast" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Phillippe

• "The Rescuers Down Under " -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Cody

• "The Little Mermaid" -- Supervising Animator, Character Designer -- Max

• "Oliver And Company" -- Animator -- Oliver, Dodger
March 1987 - March 2003 Burbank, California, United States


California Institute Of The Arts

BA in Fine Arts for Character Animation

September 1984 - June 1987 Santa Clarita, California, United States


3ds Max, After Effects, Audition, CG Character Animation, Character Design, Digicel, Directing, Dreamweaver, Flash, MAYA, Photoshop, Premiere, Storyboards, Toon Boom , Traditional Character Animation, Visual Development,