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There is a creative energy that manifests itself in several forms...
We all have a need for expression and acceptance. Since a very young age, Kariti has always expressed his feelings through art. It helped him find a way to communicate in the world. At the age of 13, Eddy Kariti first painted with Henry Adams at his studio in New York where he fell in love with oil painting. Kariti went to the H.S. of Art in Brooklyn and painted at the National Academy of Fine Arts. Basically, Eddy is a self taught artist, expressing himself the best way he knows. He paints in oils because he loves the blending and manipulation of texture and color.

Artist Eddy Kariti has been part of the entertainment business as long as he can remember. Influenced by his grandfather who was also an actor, Eddy spent his entire childhood dreaming of becoming an actor.
After graduating from high school he headed toward Los Angeles in hopes of making it as an actor.

Although beginning a career on his own was rather difficult, he was still able to make it through. In order to provide for food and rent, while still auditioning, he sometimes had to work up to 15 hours a day. All of this finally paid off when Eddy Kariti was invited to join the cast of the already popular 'The Attic Expeditions,' in the role of Dr. Anderson. There he was able to show his versatility and talent and was later awarded for it. Next, he was chosen to play the role of Andres in the thriller Warrior. He got the highest acknowledgment for his role as Randy Brooks in the SyFy adaptation of the British TV Series Being Human.

These days, Kariti is living in Los Angeles together with his wife and their sons. Eddy continues to live his dream.
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