matt ebbing

Creative Director, Art Director, Designer

Bend, OR, USA

Work Experience

The BrandIt

Creative Director / Art Director

May 2015 - Present North Carolina, United States


Art Director, Senior Designer

Art director and designer at this small, amazingly creative agency. Not many towns as small as Bend, Oregon have a creative agency with a team like ours — diverse big agency and client experience and a lot of creative & entrepreneurial expertise found in this small group of creatives.
January 2010 - May 2015 Bend, Oregon, United States

University Of Colorado


I was hired to teach Art Direction to third year students in the advertising program at the University of Colorado. The advertising department had tagged this class as a weak link in their “top-ten in the country” program. I was excited to bring a good dose of graphic design to a program that had little more than “art decoration” in the previous line-up. It was an incredibly successful semester for the students in my class. Had I not already been set to move to New Zealand, I would have loved to continue on in this position. Knowing I would only be available for one semester, I chose to bring a pair of young designers into the class structure as my team teachers. They did so well, they were offered, and accepted, the job of continuing the class in future semesters in my absence.
August 2008 - December 2008 Boulder, Colorado, United States


Senior Designer

From six employees in 2003 through 24+ in 2008, it was a fun, wild, amazingly creative ride. I loved the tight knit design team I helped build while there, and the whole agency under Thomas Dooley and Jonathan Schoenberg was awesome. It took moving to New Zealand to peel me away.
July 2003 - November 2008 Boulder, Colorado, United States

Wide Open Creative

Founder, Creative Director

While living abroad, I operated my own creative studio that I continued a year plus after moving back to the States. This body of work includes everything from studio art and public collaborative art projects, to traditional art direction and graphic design, often on contract with established agencies. During this time I did work for companies based in New Zealand, Australia, China and the States.
February 2009 - January 2010 Wanaka, New Zealand

C And E Specialties

Screen Printer

June 2000 - September 2000 Rockford, Illinois, United States


University Of Illinois

BFA in Graphic Design

1999 - 2003 Champaign, Illinois, United States