girard louis drouillard

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___ i am an american born artist exhibited, published and represented internationally.
i strayed into the arts in my mid-twenties after an initial career pursuit in international diplomacy (BA. in international politics) and subsequently worked within both the uk parliament and the us senate. ....... i then moved on and pursued a career in the arts procuring a BFA and an MFA degree in fine-art.

I have been exhibited, published and represented internationally since 1988 and i've worked with virtually every medium. ……. my current work consists of mixed-media paintings _ digitally produced limited-editions _ performance art _ photography _ sculpture _ video

my current work is the embodiment of both a conceptual and visual narrative. without becoming too descriptive or anecdotal, my intent is to inject a philosophical, political and 'spiritual' subtext into my art. color and suggestive images and/or 'objects' are the protagonists. the canvas is my stage: space, form, logic and sensibility are my thread. PASSION IS MY NEEDLE!!! my intent here is to transcend aesthetics and prompt thought within each piece i create...........this mixed-media work is consistent with the use of 'non-sanctioned' materials and the incorporation of discarded, found and self-made elements. light, texture and the pretense of three-dimensionality are also very pertinent considerations within the 'canvas'. ultimately, the subsequent and often abstract juxtaposition and appropriation of various elements within my work is both aesthetically 'easy-on-the-eye' and conceptually provocative...........................

my objective here is to network and share with fellow artist professionals, collectors, galleries, potential patrons and publishers. all comments and inquiries are welcome.

both my original mixed-media paintings and limited-editions are available for sale and/or lease. i have and will continue to post new images as time permits. you can view my portfolios via my three of which is accessible on my profile and links to the other two. ....... (up, but under reconstruction)

girard louis drouillard

los angeles, california __ tampa bay, florida usa

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girard louis drouillard is an american born artist exhibited, published and represented internationally since 1988 and has studied and worked in virtually every fine-art medium …………….….. his current work consists of mixed-media paintings, digitally produced limited-editions, performance art, photography, sculpture and video.

drouillard holds a BA degree in international politics from the University of Reading/Oxford_United Kingdom...(drouillard worked as an administrative aid both for Gerard Vaughn in the British Parliament and Claiborne Pell in the United States Senate before pursuing a career in the arts) ... a BFA degree in fine-art from the University of Rhode Island and an MFA degree in fine-art from the Chicago Art Institute and the Rhode Island School of Design.

he has served as an art consultant (1981-1988) for the New York Yacht Club_NYC/NEW YORK, Ballantine Books_NYC/NEW YORK, Martin Marietta_Atlanta/GEORGIA, Wrather Corp_Beverly Hills/CALIFORNIA, Summa Corp_Las Vegas/NV, Walt Disney Studios_Anaheim/CALIFORNIA, Paramount Studios_Hollywood/CALIFORNIA, Universal Studios_Burbank/CALIFORNIA and was the chief art director of the R.M.S. Queen Mary and the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose attractions_Long Beach/CALIFORNIA.

drouillard is a current member of ……. the American National Artist’s Registry, the Professional Fine Arts Network, Art Professionals Worldwide, the Art Business Group, Elite Abstract Artists, Creative Art Consultants, International Network for the Arts, the Trans-Cultural Exchange, Contemporary Artists Group, the Thorton Investment Advisory Group-Japan Ltd. amongst several other entities.

drouillard maintains studios in both los angeles, california and tampa bay, florida, usa.


1988 - los angeles, ca_tampa bay, fl usa