Alex Dovhyi

Independent Product Designer

Kiev, Ukraine
I’m an independent award-winning digital product designer, who is purposeful, deliberate and logical. I specialize in creating brands and digital experiences. I seek the solutions that impact the people's lives through designing with empathy and by being data informed.

Over the years, I've worked as a creative with clients ranging from small independents to large companies in a variety of industries. I’ve created impactful design solutions for iOS, Web & Mobile products used by thousands of people worldwide.

I provide clients with a valuable and meaningful brand and product experiences based on strong concepts that are designed with company’s mission and vision in mind.

Let's get in touch, for any project inquiries or even simply say hello, just drop me a line at

Work Experience


Product Designer

When working on each product, my responsibilities were
- To do a user and market research (deliverables was created competitors matrix and research insights for team presentation)
- UX session (craft user personas, MVP doc, creating of user flow),
- Apply design approach (high-fidelity user flow, draft design principles and mood board for visual design inspiration, prepare a presentation with design approach to present to the client);
- Create concept design (2-4 unique pages to showcase the final product, basic - UI guidelines and high-fidelity design principles which would be using for overall project);
- Create InvisionApp prototype for design testing (creating an MVP with basic design to test the product on real users);
- Design for all pages/screens/states of the product (high-fidelity designs of the product connected into a working prototype on InvisionApp, animations and screen transactions using Principle/AE if needed);
- Prepare developers toolkit (create a style guide and documentation for proper implementation by development team);

At this position, I realized that I should never stop learning and that the greatest investment I can do is to invest in my knowledge. I have studied user experience and interaction design principles and improved my skills by practicing on real projects for real clients. With the knowledge and experience I gained, I can now engage in the creation of various B2B and B2C solutions of any complexity.
July 2015 - July 2016 California, United States


English (Conversational),
Ukrainian (Native),



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