Douglas Parker

Creative Director

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Work Experience

Executive Creative Director, Design & UX

For over two years, I was in charge of the visual, UX and product design for the largest entertainment sites in the world. I also managed the Snapchat channels and all the video graphics for the OTT channel, PeopleTV.

Massive Growth—Our major initiatives, in addition to the responsive redesigns of and, ushered in unprecedented growth in page views and unique visitors—over 50 million MUVs, 4.3 million followers on Instagram, and 3 million+ a day on Snapchat. Both sites had a combined 120MM+ users consuming at least 2.5 pages per session and returning an average of 3x a month, resulting in over 750 MM PVs.
September 2015 - November 2017

Bravo & Oxygen

Creative Director

I currently run the digital design department for two cable networks, Bravo and Oxygen. I’m responsible for the UX/UI and visual designs for all interactive products—including the responsive websites, the mobile apps, smart tv app, on-air live voting system, social commercials, and much more.
April 2013 - Present New York, New York, United States


Creative Director

I was responsible for all digital designs for the cable music channel, Fuse. I worked closely with the News, Marketing, Programming and Content teams to create the best online experience and to ensure we showcased a unified voice and vision of the network. I worked with the On-Air team and Loyal Kaspar to completely rethink the branding of the network from the ground up. I also had the unique experience of designing the Warped Roadies tour bus, a two-story structure for the Voodoo Festival, plus, the print campaigns for Billy on the Street, Off Beat, and Fuse News.
December 2011 - April 2013 New York, New York, United States

Bonnier Corporation

Creative Director

I’m currently responsible for the centralized, internal design team that handles all
digital media for every Bonnier brand—from websites, iPhone/iPad apps, to sales
mocks and digital Powerpoint presentations. Over the past few years, I’ve successfully
redesigned and launched award-winning websites for Saveur, Popular Science,
Parenting, Field & Stream, Garden Design, Outdoor Life, Popular Photography,
Sound+Vision, Transworld, Ski, Skiing, Working Mother, Conceive, and many others.
I also served as Acting Editor of in 2010, during a period of transition.
During this time, I employed a yearly editorial plan, worked with sales to increase
revenue and started the 1st Annual Food Blog Awards.


• - Repositioned the online brand as a content aggregator of the
world’s best food blogs. The site has since been nominated for James Beard
and Min awards. In the past two years, the traffic has increased by over 300%.
• - Created a community-based site with a dynamic,
fresh look-and-feel. Nominated for a 2011 ASME in the General Excellence
• - Rebranded the site into a daily news blog about the future of
technology. Unique visitors grew to over 2.5 million MUVs.
• - Redesigned to be the ultimate destination for new parents
and pregnant mothers. The site has won two Webby Awards and has seen its
traffic grow over 200%.
• - I worked with a small edit team to quickly rebrand
and rethink their web strategy. We launched the new site in just three short
months with a renewed focus on user photography and inspiration.
March 2007 - December 2011 New York, New York, United States

Time Inc.

Creative Director

I was hired to bring strategic and creative vision to to their Time4Media division.
In my first few months, I focused on the websites for This Old House and Health
magazines. Time4Media was soon purchased by the Swedish Company, Bonnier, and
I was merged into their new American Corporation.


• - Worked with the design agency, Huge, Inc., on a massive
rethink of the brand from the ground up. Created new photo gallery, how-to, and
blog-style templates.
• - Working with the edit team, I brainstormed multiple ways to
make the content more approachable and down-to-earth. We wireframed and
mocked up multiple website ideas that became the site that is live today.
August 2006 - March 2007 New York, New York, United States

Scripps Networks Interactive

Creative Director

As Creative Director at Scripps Networks, I had a strong focus on emerging
technologies and video production. Along with my team, we developed new ways to
view video programming on websites and built innovative, interactive experiences,
including Dave Does and Tyler Florence’s Holiday Planner. We also created a new
system for cataloging and retrieving streaming videos through an in-house database
that could be deployed on any Scripps site through a customizable player.


• Eat This with Dave Lieberman / Dave Does - I was the Creator and Executive
Producer of one of the first web-only shows. We traveled the country taping the
hottest food trends and created a unique interactive viewing experience for 26
• HGTVBathDesign / HGTVKitchenDesign - Worked with RG/A to create new
content verticals that mimicked the print browsing mentality.
• - Redesigned the website to better compete with CMTV by
focusing on the artist pages and music videos.
• Universal Video Player - Working with the internal video team, we devised
a new storage system and front-end, customizable video player for all Scripps
August 2005 - August 2006 New York, New York, United States

Food Network

Director of New Media

During these three years, I had the unique experience of running Food Network’s
website. I was promoted to Website Director, in charge of the editorial, production,
and sales initiatives for the entire site. I worked to produce many franchise programs
that are still successful today. My main goal was to build out our online presence
by creating a cohesive experience with the on-air network. We created a cyclical
structure that drove traffic to the on-air programming, which in turn pushed people
back to the website. It was enormously successful and grew page views into the
hundreds of millions.


• E-Commerce - Worked with the marketing team to build an online store that
leveraged the successful programming to sell items around our talent, including:
kitchen utensils, DVDs, books, and apparel. It grew into a multi-million dollar

• 12 Days of Cookies - Started a newsletter program that delivered a cookie
recipe every day for 12 days during the month of December. It has become a
trademarked franchise for Food Network.
• Editorial Packages - Devised a strategy to create editorially-curated pages that
were uniquely designed for the subject matter that appealed to sponsors.
• Recipe Collections - Pulled together groupings of recipes based on chef,
category, popularity and holidays to make browsing easier for the users. It was
an instant smash that significantly increased page views.
July 2002 - August 2005 New York, New York, United States