Tiffany Germann

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Work Experience


Roto/Paint Artist

Worked on the Social Network and many Commercials
2009 - California, United States


roto/paint- Jr. Composite

Sarah Connor Chronicles -First Season and commercials
2008 - 2010 California, United States


Roto/ Paint Jr. Comp

Freelance on and off
2010 - 2012 California, United States


Roto/ Paint Artist

Freelance here on and off
2007 - 2012 California, United States

Screaming Death Monkey

Roto/Paint Artist

Freelance here on and off- Worked on White Stripes Music Video - Conquest AND the film Street Kings with Keanu Reeves.
2007 - 2008 California, United States

Brand New School

Roto/Paint Artist

Freelance Here on and off
2007 - 2012 California, United States

Fischer Edit

Roto/Paint Artist

2005 - 2007 Minnesota, United States


The Art Institutes International Minnesota

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics- BS

June 2002 - September 2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States