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Art directors:
Do you need the services of an illustrator? What if you could find an illustration professional who is not only talented and creative, but can also understand your unique design and production concerns?

Non-art directors:
Do you need something illustrated, but maybe you are new to the creative serv… Read More
Art directors:
Do you need the services of an illustrator? What if you could find an illustration professional who is not only talented and creative, but can also understand your unique design and production concerns?

Non-art directors:
Do you need something illustrated, but maybe you are new to the creative service world, and you just wish someone could guide you through the rough patches?

If so, then look no further. I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2008. But I have also worked as a designer and production professional in no less than four other creative fields, including:

Graphic design for print and packaging
Feature and broadcast animation
Motion graphics
Video production

I don’t just draw; I draw upon experience.

Contact me for a free consultation today, and see the difference that experience can make!

Accumulated Skills:
Illustration, Drawing, Cartooning/Comics, in digital and traditional media, both freelance and employed.
Character design or Visual Development, maquette sculpting, storyboarding
3D modeling, texturing, shading, UV layout, lighting
2D and 3D animation
Color theory, composition, anatomy
Experience w/VR systems
Experience w/rigging, effects
Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Lightwave, Maya, Shake, Final Cut Pro,
Experience w/XSI, ZBrush, Flash/Animate
Linux, Windows, Macintosh
Some experience w/graphics programming w/C, OpenGL
2D/3D graphic design, typography
Flexo prepress

“Chris’ ability to match desired art direction was spot on. He was very good at visual improvisation when it came to interpreting style from reference to final product. Add to that excellent communication skills and a lickity split turnaround time.”
–Heather Pritchett, Look Development Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Chris Doehling is not only an exceptionally talented artist, but also a skilled team player. This rare combination of skills, along with his strong communication skills, made him a valued member of our multimedia team at Clemson University. I have never worked with another graphic artist who was so good at communicating with clients directly, both in understanding their needs and explaining the services he could offer them to meet those needs. While working for me, Chris developed quality 3-D avatar skins and constructed buildings for our work in Second Life. He also developed Flash animations for distance education courses in construction, and created illustrations on short notice. I have had few opportunities to work with an artist as talented as Chris, and I sincerely hope I’ll have another opportunity to work with him in the future. ”
-Suzie Medders, CCIT Director of Communications at Clemson University

Winthrop University, 1999
• BFA, Graphic Design

Clemson University, 2006
• MFA, Digital Production Arts

My story (abridged)
My name is Christopher Doehling (pronounced “dough-ling”). I’m an illustrator, but I’ve arrived at this point in my career by a circuitous route.

Growing up in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida, I was the kid who was always drawing in the margins of his math homework, and pretty much any other surface that would take a mark. I used drawing to explore subjects that interested me. But, at some point I realized that my enjoyment of drawing eclipsed my interest in the subjects being drawn. It became my favorite thing to do, as well as what I was best at. I was raised as a Christian, and I happily heeded the Biblical command that we make the best use of our gifts. I decided I would draw for a living, and I began to look to other artists for inspiration. I found that my favorites were those whose art told stories, and that they were generally called illustrators. It seemed like a good direction to take.

But when I entered college it was popular wisdom that higher education was for obtaining full-time employment with benefits. I learned that such jobs were few and far between for illustrators, and I wanted to be responsible. So I looked for similar vocations that would result in full time employment. I embarked upon and realized two consecutive career paths, each beginning with their respective bachelor’s and master’s degree: one as a graphic designer, the other as a 3D animation production artist. But each path I took felt like a detour.

Both careers were engrossing and enjoyable in their own right, filled with valuable experiences. And both could involve drawing as a preliminary step in their processes. But I never seemed to have my fill of drawing and creating before being rushed into a gauntlet of high-tech production concerns that were not always my cup of tea. Moreover, God’s old command, heeded easily when I was young, weighed ever more with the passing of time. I would always resolve to get back into illustration… someday.

Well, no more of that. Today is someday, right? So now at last, I return to my first love, to swing a pencil once again. Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more. Read Less
  • Sole Proprietor
    Freelance Illustrator — Rock Hill, SC, USA
  • Production Designer (Seasonal)
    Shutterfly, Inc. — Fort Mill, SC, USA
  • Animation and Video Production Artist
    Design And Motion — SC, USA
  • University Adjunct Faculty
    Winthrop University — Rock Hill, SC, USA
  • Contract 3d Artist
    Total Immersion — CA, USA
  • Talent Development Artist, Look Development
    Walt Disney Animation Studios — CA, USA
  • Modeling/Surfacing/Visual Development Artist
    Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio — TN, USA
  • Multimedia Developer/Animator/Assistant
    Clemson University — Clemson, SC, USA
  • Graphic Designer
    Weyerhaeuser — NC, USA
  • Graphic Designer
    WORLD Magazine — NC, USA
  • Graphic Designer
    Winthrop University — SC, USA
  • Caricature Artist
    Paramount's Carowinds — NC, USA
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I Illustrated the winter 2018 cover of Carolinian magazine, 
University of South Carolina’s alumni publication. The cover won an Addy Award in February 2018.
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