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Dimitris Kritsilis

Creative Developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Business graduate and self-taught designer established in Amsterdam. I lead the concept and design of diverse visual projects, and strive to create genuine work that is informative, effective and memorable.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 2009
Creative Developer
I have been involved with the Dialogues department since my internship in 2009. Ever since I have taken up the task to visually promote the department and its ventures, by taking projects through all phases: from discovery to delivery to advocacy. More specifically:
- Design correlated projects that span the entire spectrum: websites, logos, social media, newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, certificates, print ads, digital banners, stationary, digital cards
- Communicate requirements, project status, and advocate the final deliverables
- Ensure adherence to department look-and-feel, and to company technical standards while at the same time seeking new styles of expression
- Performing all work in a manner which leads to the ultimate goals of increased brand awareness and product sales while raising the bar creatively
Leiden, Netherlands
Sep 2007Mar 2010
M.Sc. ICT in Business
Thessaloniki, Greece
Sep 2002Apr 2007
Applied Informatics
Oct 2008
Best Tele-Marketing Plan Proposition
Art Direction, Branding And Identity, Business Development, Design, Design Advocacy (to Clients), Digital Media, Hands-on Design, Interaction Design, Marketing & Communications, Presenting, Project Ideation, Refined And Confident Client Contact, Web Design, Writing/editing