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Porto Alegre, Brazil
+55 51 8180 6309
I am a brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, working in the fields of advertising, cinema, music and illustration.


As a sound designer, I have worked for different clients, from small studios to big advertising agencies, scoring several pieces for all ranges of media, most notably cinema, advertising campaigns and digital cinematography.

As a producer and recording engineer, I have worked with several artists from the brazilian independent music scene, producing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering a large number of records. With a peculiar approach to the recording process, I prefer, whenever it's possible, to record out of music studios, preferably at the artist's home or practice space, adding the specific characteristics from the space where the artist is being recorded, thus giving personality to the sound.

As a filmmaker, I have written and directed the short "Notas Sobre o Desencaixe" and the featurette "Agora/Ágora", which is on post-production, while also working on commercial projects. You can also see me acting on some friends works.

As an illustrator, I have worked with several independent artists, creating artwork for records and all sorts of merchandising. Maldito Ofício represents me for illustration requests.

As a musician, since my early teens, I am an active member of the independent music scene, leading several groups from a wide range of genres, from hardcore punk, indie rock and folk to electronica, post-rock and pop. I currently play guitar and sing in Campbell Trio, Trompa and Tricot, besides playing guitar, piano, bass and percussion for Apanhador Só and bass, samples, piano and guitar for Bluewhite. I also have an electronic solo project called Younitza, a techno solo project called Clopen and a folk solo project called Barros Cassal.

While on college, I have worked as copywriter for small advertising agencies, now I'm guarding my writing skills for the production of short stories and my first romance.
Work Experience
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Dec 2007
creative, producer and sound designer
Working Like No One's Watching is a sound design and music studio. With a mobile structure and flexible recording techniques, I explore creative ways on music scoring for visual arts, advertising, entertainment or anything that needs sound. Run by a multi instrumentalist musician, producer and recording engineer deeply rooted and active in the independent music scene, Working Like No One's Watching is always ahead of the current musical trends, offering different, fresh and unique sounds. Not limited to the composition, I explore the possibilities of sound, embracing all kinds of sonic experimentation and artistic expression.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Aug 2007
creative, composer, producer, recording engineer.
Original compositions for cinema. I help to create the climates on narrative structures to better telling histories and sharing feelings.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
May 2012
illustrator, sound artist
Maldito Ofício is an art management enterprise which work to bring art to any medium by the management of special projects, trade in art objects, curating artists, settings and cultural projects.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Jul 2010Apr 2011
founder, creative, producer, recording engineer
Me and my friend Lucas Rachewsky were the masterminds behind the 4'33" collective, but I ended up leaving the collective shortly before we started to work to focus on filmmaking (I was writing and directing my first movie at the time) and to pursue experiences with a more experimental sound.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Sep 2005
Corner Club Studio
owner, producer, recording engineer
Being an active member of the independent music scene, I have produced records for and recorded many artists. With an approach that pursue capturing the characteristics of the ambient where the artist is recording, whenever it's possible, I rather record at home or different places rather than recording studios. Some of the artists I have worked with include Apanhador Só, Campbell Trio, Outro Mar, 2Portas, Doyoulike?, Mar de Marte, My Soundtracked Life, Noor, Shan-D, among many others from genres that range from Folk, Punk and Indie to Hip Hop, Jazz and Electronic.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mar 2007Dec 2007
creative, producer, sound designer, sound engineer.
B Sound Thinking is an audio advertising, audio interactive and audio branding company. While working there I was the creative and operational responsible for the more conceptual and experimental jobs, focusing on web, games, audio branding and interaction.
Mar 2004Dec 2004
creative director, copywriter
My first experience on working with advertising. The agency ended up being bought by a bigger one and doesn't exist anymore.
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Jul 2004Jul 2009
bachelor in advertising and marketing
French (Beginner), Portuguese (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational)
Ableton Live, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Advertising, Analog Photography, Art Direction, Audio Engineering, Cartooning, Cinema, Cinematography, Composition, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Cubase, Design, Fashion, Fashion Illustration, Filmmaking, Final Cut, Illustration, Literature, Mastering, Mixing, Music Production, Pencil Drawing, ProTools, Propellerhead Reason, Silkscreen Printing, Sound Design, Storyboarding