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At dialPROS, we recognize that business is won by perseverance and cost efficiency. We have perfected the art of dialing for dollars for clients ranging in size from small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 Enterprises. We cover a wide variety of industries from hospitality to Information Technology. Companies … Read More
At dialPROS, we recognize that business is won by perseverance and cost efficiency. We have perfected the art of dialing for dollars for clients ranging in size from small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 Enterprises. We cover a wide variety of industries from hospitality to Information Technology. Companies rely on dialPROS to further fuel their growth and expand their business at the least possible cost.

We liberate your precious time and effort from cold calling so you can concentrate your skilled efforts in closing pre-qualified prospects or appointments.

This allows you to provide your clients with the best products and services while being backed by a call center that your customers will enjoy interacting with. No more complaints of lost calls, translation issues, or bad customer service. When you choose dialPROS as your businesses call center partner, you have chosen an industry leader with a best of class reputation for supporting our clients most precious commodity ...your customers.

Appointment Setting and Lead Generation:

You focus on the close, while we bring the prospects to your front door. Every member of the business spectrum has a value added service to contribute. dialPROS expertise lies in identifying the best resource pool to find your target market and utilizing our core skills in prospect marketing to ensure they find their way to you. We are highly skilled in appointment setting. Our call center agents can utilize our own provided lead lists or work on your large lead lists and make persuasive sales pitches to hundreds of contacts a day. They are a professional front line force capable of conveying your important message and delivering it with the same level of passion you would.

We inform your prospect audience of the benefits of your product and service and once the prospect is informed, interested and qualified - our agents will set an appointment for your dedicated sales team to finish the job. We use a crisp method of online schedule coordination allowing for our collaborative efforts to be shared in real time. Appointment setting is the only way to arrange a one on one meeting with your sales force and your clients. This service will exponentially multiply the volume of prospects who will hear your message each day and create much greater efficiencies of your existing sales team. dialPROS appointment setting service is like no other, come experience it for yourself.

In bound / Outbound Telemarketing:

With dialPROS inbound / outbound telemarketing infrastructure you do not need to jump through hoops to hire, train, and manage people to make and take your clients precious calls. We make it easy for you and take care of recruiting, training and managing professional callers at costs well below your expectations and make the most productive use of your already experienced and dedicated staff. One of dialPROS greatest assets is our 24x7 inbound/outbound call center. With agents ready to promote your product or service, take orders and answer potential clients' questions, we will provide you with a distinct advantage over your competition. dialPROS professional call center infrastructure allows you to focus on your core business while we support your sales and marketing teams. We save you time, money, hassle and headaches by eliminating the management function of a call center from your growing list of business needs. Let dialPROS handle this for you.

Seminar / Event:

When businesses need help identifying and prospecting to their conference or seminar attendees, they often turn to dialPROS to help them fill their seats. Why stretch thin resources to the point of breaking by having your valuable assets making cold calls. We can identify and qualify prospect candidates as well as use your existing lists to drive interest and invite to attendees to your informative sessions. Our agents can deliver a compelling message, provide conference schedule and location details and even assist with the registration process all while leaving you and your team to the arduous task of running a successful event. Our agents will acquire all of the information you request and operate in a friendly and professional manner as a representative of your own company would.

Charities and Fund Raisers:

When Haiti was devastated by the 2010 Earthquake that rocked the world, humanitarian organizations contacted dialPROS to assist with the relief efforts. When organizations like the National Cancer Society and others need to get their messages out to those who can help, they turn to dialPROS for our solid reputation of delivering a compelling and compassionate message to those with the ability to offer assistance when it is needed most. When you choose dialPROS for your charitable call center needs, you form a bond with a company who understands how to treat the experience with compassion and empathy. Our efforts to date have created schools, and other infrastructure needs where requested as well as communicating awareness of our World's largest health concerns. Choose dialPROS for your next charitable call center campaign.

Political Canvassing:

In a sea of ever growing automated dial and response systems that annoy and frustrate people, dialPROS has taken a more conventional approach. Through our manual dialing center, we have helped candidates learn more about their constituents and the issues they hold near and dear. We've helped poll regions to learn how those with the influence can better address topics that impact daily lives. dialPROS has a history of running successful political based campaigns where it is important for the candidate to listen to the voice of the people and not just talk over it. Call today to learn more.

Database Scrub:

If you have a database or list that you have worked in the past and need a fresh set of eyes to verify and qualify the data contained within it, dialPROS can assist you. We run list scrub campaigns day in and day out for our clients who use their own internal teams for appointment setting and out bound sales calls. We have the expertise to circumvent the gatekeepers and gather the information you request, allowing you to focus on the primary goal of sales. dialPROS list scrub services are cost effective for all budgets and industries. Find out more by calling our office today.

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