My choice to pursuit work in brand identity was driven by the relationships I fostered through my first few branding clients. It allowed me to connect with business people in a way that felt genuine, and necessary. I was able to take a dream they had, and realize it through better personal understanding, and helped them find a strong sense of direction in their own work. The satisfaction of a client feeling understood, and trusting me with their livelihood is an honor to behold. This work is the most rewarding use of my artistic talents I have experienced.

Work Experience

Fazaad Feroze Creative

Owner, Creative Consultant

-Client acquisition, and management.
-Creative direction
-Marketing Strategy
-Web, Graphic, and Motion Design
June 2018 - Present Washington, United States

Lead Animator

Art asset creation, 2D character and FX animation in Flash. Designed workflow for animation and rigging in Spine 2D in which I also created animation.
December 2012 - July 2018 Seattle, Washington, United States


Vancouver Film School

Classical Animation

My courses included foundational film making and art classes: writing, storyboarding, composition, color theory, acting, figure drawing. The bulk of the program revolved around 2D hand drawn animation production which included: rough, inbetween, and cleanup animation classes which collectively covered best practices for 2D animation production. Software covered were: ToonBoom Studio Pro, ToonBoom Harmony, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Digicel Flipbook.
January 2006 - January 2007 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


2D , AfterEffects, Animation, Concepting, Drafting, Drawing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Spine, Storyboards, ToonBoom,