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Dayle Sanders


Ramsgate, United Kingdom
Work Experience
Whitstable, United Kingdom
Nov 2013Present
Animation & Digital Artist
In-house 2d animator and artist, including in-house projects; illustrations, digital assets, storyboards, animatics, and variously in the pre-production, production & post-production pipeline. I also help out at client-side workshops and team-building events.
Whitstable, United Kingdom
Sep 2013Nov 2013
Editing workshop and team-building event rushes, post-production clean-up and grading.
Margate, United Kingdom
Sep 2013Nov 2013
3d Intern
I created an animated Hong Kong Space Museum walk-through, working closely with the HKD team to support the development of the museum, and understand information on each exhibition to-be-featured. I rotated around software including; 3ds Maya, Max and SketchUp to piece together and organise 3d models, graphics within each exhibition, as well as other things. This was a great project to build my experience and working with talented, motivated team with an exciting atmosphere. Spurring my interests in the field of architectural visualisation and museum design.
London, United Kingdom
Dec 2012
Two-week work experience
Two-week work placement in an animation studio as a general assistant. Included runner duties, creating a 3D model using Maya for Maker’s Mark commission (they are a small-batch bourbon whisky brand), and creating on a work placement ident.
Rochester, United Kingdom
Apr 2012Jun 2012
Freelance Animation and VJ Artist
A five-week work placement that started on the 23rd April. I worked from home for the duration of the placement, but liaised with Pete Wallace, Head of Production at Butch Auntie, via email. Communicating problems via e-mail lacked the interactive part of a real conversation, so this experience presented a new form that was initially challenging but exciting. The placement consisted of two mini-projects with focus towards 3D aspects:

'The glamorous project': The aim was to design something deliberately exaggerated and so I created a precocious-looking 3d character that is wearing feathery rags and vivid ‘slap’. I worked with another classmate and so this idea was further established with another character, reference to the source and the iconic moments within the sourced piece.

Mayfair VJ projections: The theme of the work was created to be modern, bonkers 2d with a fair amount of energy going on for a teenage target audience. I used Photoshop and After Effects to come up with experimental pieces.
London, United Kingdom
Apr 2012
Two-day runner internship
Two day internship: 30th April and 1st May.

Whilst only lasting two days, the role included very varied work and was an excellent opportunity to see the inner workings of the company, associated media brands, and their clients. A sense of responsiveness and teamwork was needed. Making drinks, taking and receiving deliveries from 'Callprint' (printing outfit), general admin; assorting Microsoft documents and laying out information into digital tables, etc.

Overall, this exposed the basic roles of interning for a creative agency and as a runner. These are valuable starting skills that I will take with me and develop upon in the future, and I really hope I can work with them when future opportunities arise.
London, United Kingdom
Mar 2010Apr 2010
ITV Sparks group | College-allumi focus groups
I was invited to take part in several training days organised by ITV's Ignite group. 'Sparks' is an initiative run by Ignite, and the workshops typically focused on training our creative abilities and presenting resolved ideas to a series of experts in the studio. These experiences took place over periodic chunks. Some of these included:

First training workshop (Nov. 2009): This took place at ITV Studios. It covered an introduction to how ideas get on screen/ TV process; coming up with ideas - creative processes and development skills; and professional behaviours and expectations for workshops.

Second workshop (Nov. 2009): Working with Paul Jackson, CEO of Eyeworks UK, he talked through the process of getting the new show for Channel 5 “Heads or Tails” commissioned and on air. Including, taking a small idea and making it into a pitch, sizzle tape, pilot and commission, then how to tweak and improve the show across territories to create an internationally translatable format. As a 'spark', I helped to develop some ideas to innovate the show.

Third workshop (Jan. 2010): Working with TNS Research International, our objective was to develop new product ideas within the oral hygiene category specifically for teenagers (aged between 15-19).

Overall, these have been invaluable experiences that have boosted my interest to want to work in this type of environment.
Kent, United Kingdom
2009Feb 2014
Customer Sales Advisor and Assistant
Roles included operating cashier points on a frequent basis, getting the know-how on newest menswear fashion trends, basic customer service, maintaining a pleasant and well-stocked shop floor, and achieving daily targets.
Rochester, United Kingdom
Sep 2010Present
English (Native)
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, MAYA, Microsoft Office, Mudbox