David-Emmanuel Cohen

photographer / filmmaker

Paris, France
Offer my services as an architectural, urban landscapes and interior design photographer, to people and projects where my vision and technical skills will be applied to the greatest extent.

Work Experience

DavidSystem / Cohen Visuals

Photographer, filmmaker and founder

This company is about IMAGES creation

COMMISSIONED WORK: photography (mostly interiors) and film ("making of", "behind the scenes"...)

ART: Art photography, short movie, and drawing.


• 10 years of solid experience in urban landscapes photography.
• Strong knowledge of photography process, from preparing the space to the shooting and retouching.
• Excellent space understanding and framing, lines and light/color sense, with the ability to create and adapt images to their purpose.
• Significant ability to interpret client requirements and create images that pinpoint their target market.
• Excellent use of natural light using HDR and DRI techniques to work faster in almost any light conditions.
• Very good use of "video/photo camera" (Canon 5D MII) for filmmaking.
• Proven ability to retouch images using softwares such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix, or edit film with Final Cut Pro.
June 2003 - France

WIHP - (ex 1001 Web Promotions)


I was employed as a senior photographer at WIHP, a luxury hotel promotion company, in Paris, France.


• Direct contact with key clients, discuss images requirements and type of use.
• Handle photography requirements for key clients advertisements, marketing brochures and websites.
• Responsible for carrying out research and preparation before shooting.
• Arrange still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds.
• Complete image retouching to final validation and delivery.
August 2008 - August 2009 Paris, France


English (Fluent),
French (Native),
Italian (Conversational),


CNL (National Book Center)

Prix Découverte (Discovery Award) for a graphic novel in production


ENSB-A (National Superior Fine Arts School, Paris)

Grant for photography work (+ opportunity to study at Art Center, College of Design, Pasadena)



Digital Camera, Digital Photography, Film Camera, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, Microsoft Office. , Photomatix, Photoshop,