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Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Motion Media.
  • Graphic Designer
    Newaukee — Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Graphic Design Intern
    Letr And Co — Savannah, GA, USA
  • Head Resource Manager
    SCAD HP CLC — Savannah, GA, USA
  • UI/UX Design Apprentice
    Intrepid Pursuits — Cambridge, MA, USA
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Foundation Studies (Drawing 1, 2, Color Theory, Visual Design Systems)
Introduction to Graphic Design
Typography 1
Vector and Raster Graphics
History of Graphic Design
Digital Page and Web Graphics
Introduction to Industrial Design
Concepts and Story boards for Motion Media
GRDS Studio 1
HP Collaborative Course
SCAD Dean's List: Fall 2012 - Present
SCAD Academic Honors Scholarship
SCAD Artistic Honors Scholarship

Adobe Certified Associate - November 2013 - Present
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