David Manuel

Bent Image Lab

Portland, OR, USA
Hello, I am David Manuel. I've been working in visual development for the past twenty years in a variety of roles. I have extensive experience in 3D modeling, UV layout and multi-channel texturing, design, concept art and illustration. I have worked in both supervisory roles, as part of production teams, and as a lone gun working on projects by telecommuting and across time-zones. I am always looking for the next power tool to expand my skill sets with my current specialization focusing on 2D solutions for projects ranging from high resolution illustration, to assets for mobile apps and platform and PC games.

Work Experience

Bent Image Lab

Senior Concept Artist

Here at Bent I enjoy a wide variety of projects and roles. I create concept art, set designs, illustrations, matte paintings, 3D model textures and photo-retouch and clean up. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest artists, directors, producers and clients in the industry. My opportunities here at Bent have included mentoring roles and leadership on many projects. I mainly use Artrage and Adobe Photoshop for my 2D work. For 3D model texturing I use Cinema 4D Bodypaint and Mari.
July 2004 - Present Portland, Oregon, United States

Jaleco Entertainment

Environment Artist

Jaleco Entertainment closed it's doors in 2004 after years of creating entertaining platform games.

During my time at Jaleco, I worked as an environment artist using Adobe Photoshop and MAYA to create assets for PlayStation titles such as "Goblin Commander" and PC titles like "Trailer Park Tycoon." I also participated in concept design for a pair of games that were not published. The first one was an exploration, puzzle and fighting game set in the tiny world of insects. The second was a spooky game set in Victorian London and starring werewolves.
May 2002 - May 2004 Boulder, Colorado, United States

SunStorm Interactive

Art Director

At Sunstorm, I started out as the first staff artist in 1997 after working remotely with the company on expansions to popular titles. In the early part of my time at Sunstorm, I worked on "Life's a Beach" a popular expansion for Duke Nukem. Next was "Wanton Destruction" an expansion for Shadow Warrior. We did a slew of hunting and fishing simulations, including the trend setting "Deer Hunter" series of games published by Wizardworks. As the company grew, I took on the role of Art Director and was responsible for evaluating and selecting candidates for art department employment. I oversaw projects and allocated resources and directed artistic concept, vision and practical execution.

To read more about Sunstorm and how things changed around 2003 you can find information, including title lists, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunstorm_Interactive
April 1997 - April 2002 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States


Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Acrylic Painting, Alien Skin, ArtRage, Cinema 4D Bodypaint, DarkTree Textures, Filter Forge, Leather Crafting, MAYA, Oil Painting, Polymer Clay Sculpture, UV Layout,