Dante Busquets


Berlin, Germany
As a photographer born in a country of enormous contrasts and inequalities, I have often portrayed social classes different from the one I come from. All throughout my career, I've noticed the lack of attention that the Mexican and Latin-American photo-documentary sector pays to the middle and middle-high social classes, due to the tendency of social marginalization as a thematic frame.

Such lack brought upon a gradual change in the contents of my pictures and channelled many of my proposals towards the search of more intimate essays of my privileged environment. With no intention to judge, I investigate situations that represent how important it is for me to be part of a group of people joined together by family and friendship. Thus, I seek to turn the faces and realities of myself and of my family and friends into signs that recall self-experiences in the spectator.

The intimate photographic work I have produced has evolved through different stages in my life. With it I have accomplished an aesthetic sense that makes the expression of emotionally significant spaces and moments easier for me. Various periods in a person’s life make physical, emotional, and environmental changes evident. The French poet Rimbaud said that a person becomes responsible for his or her own face when turning thirty. I think, he meant that each person’s face reflects the attitude he or she has had towards life.

In many of my images, my intention is to visually and subjectively emphasize my relationship with the people and spaces to which I have an affective bond.

Work Experience

Casa De Los Babys (directed By John Sayles)

Stills Photographer

Dante's IMDb profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1841252/
2002 Acapulco, Mexico


San Francisco Art Institute

1991 - 1992 San Francisco, California, United States

Escuela Activa De Fotografía EAF

Diplomado Técnico en Fotografía

1989 - 1990 Mexico


Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
German (Beginner),


Fondo Nacional Para La Cultura Y Las Artes

Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte 2012 - 2014