Danny Quirk

Springfield, MA, USA
I'm an illustrator/fine artist new to the art scene. I joined this site to try and promote my work while all the while making valuable connections. I've been told that my work is more professional than that of my age, and although I may not necessarily agree with that statement (I know of many, very talented peers), I can say, my work ethic IS. I will always go the extra mile, to do the extra research, to stay up the extra hour, to make sure the work gets the extra attention. My objective in creating my work is to continually push myself, working hard to ensure that the newest piece, is the strongest piece, surpassing previous works, and raising the bar for ones to come.

Ideally, I want to get my master's in Medical Illustration. However, I love doing military themed works, and would like to get into editorial work for current events while I'm working on getting my master's.

At the moment, I'm struggling to find work. I'm aggressively self promoting/ showing in the NYC area, but am having issues getting real 'paying' jobs. One of, if not THE, major objective of having joined this site is to try and get work. So, if you're an Art Director/ Gallery owner looking for up and coming talent, don't hesitate to contact me. You won't be disappointed.


Thank you,

Danny Quirk

Work Experience

Danny Quirk Artwork



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-Corcoran Gallery of Art- (National Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, 2 Gold Awards)

2 pieces, May 2006-August 2006

- Department of Education-

1 piece, August 2006-December 2006

-Gallery 137- (3rd place in Juried Art Show)

2 pieces, August 2007-September 2007

-Pratt Show, Manhattan Center-

11 pieces, May 2010

-G2 Ave A-

9 pieces, June, August, and October 2010

-Club Carnival-

15 pieces, August 2010

-320 Studios- No Biting Art Show

7 pieces, July 2010- 1 sale

-Convergence NYC-69th Fighting Regiment

13 pieces, August 2010

-320 Studios- The Contrast Show-

3 pieces, November 2010

-Tata Gala- Sarasota, FL

1 piece, 1 of 40 out of over 1,000+ entries to be chosen in the Sarasota Show

-Bing Arts Center

Solo show-

17 pieces on display showcasing the anatomical and military themed body of works

-Our Local Flavor

freelance, Hired to do magazine cover
United States


Pratt Institute

BFA in Illustration


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August 2006 - May 2010 Brooklyn, New York, United States


Scholastic Art And Writing Awards

(Regional) 5 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards, 2 Honorable Mentions


Scholastic Art And Writing Awards

(National) 2 Gold Awards, 1 Silver Portfolio Award


Society Of Illustrators

14 nominations for their Student Competition



Adobe Photoshop, Attention To Detail, Illustration, Painting, Rendering, Drawing, Illustrator, Watercolors,