David Chen

Preproduction/Character Setup

Atlanta, GA, USA
Dauntless young chap seeking preproduction and animation opportunities. Trained in traditional and CG animation, as well as conceptual designs, rigging. Always seeking to collaborate in professional environment to craft great stories and characters in diverse variety of mediums.

Work Experience

Hi-Rez Studios

Character Rigger

• Rigged assets in 3ds Max for MOBA-style “SMITE” and FPS “Paladins”
• Worked closely with animation team to meet patch deadlines
• Optimized pipeline tools, created LODs
October 2014 - June 2018 Georgia, United States

Hi-Rez Studios

Rigging Intern

• Rigged assets in 3ds Max for MOBA-style “SMITE” and FPS “Paladins”
• Worked closely with animation team to meet patch deadlines
July 2014 - October 2014

Floyd County Productions

Background Artist

-Painted Backgrounds on FX series "Chozen"
-Designed backgrounds for series "Chozen"
December 2013 - May 2014 Georgia, United States

Bento Box Entertainment

Character Setup Artist

Setup characters for the Hulu original series The Awesomes
May 2013 - August 2013 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Softway Solutions, Inc.

Apprentice Animator

• Conceptualize, create, and animate assets in Flash and Maya on client-based projects
• Maintain and expand on project visual style, work as a team to meet project deadlines
February 2013 - May 2013 Houston, Texas, United States

Fisher Price

Animation Concept Artist

• Worked closely with old and new IPs , maintain IP styles
• Create and test a variety of visual solutions in a collaborative environment
July 2012 - January 2013 East Aurora, New York, United States

Blue Sky Development

Freelance Illustrator

• Illustrated Freelance work for Children's eBook
October 2011 - November 2011 Plano, Texas, United States

Character Content Artist

• Rigged assets in Maya for “RIFT” and Incubator projects
• Worked with other departments to formalize production pipeline
• Created pipeline toolsets with MEL/Python, maintain script library for multiple productions
July 2018 - Present Redwood Shores, California, United States


Savannah College Of Art And Design (SCAD)

BFA in Animation

-Course of Study include: Life Drawing, 3D Design, History of Western Art
-Graduated Cum Laude with focus in Technical Animation and Illustration
September 2007 - June 2011 Savannah, Georgia, United States


English (Native),
Mandarin (Native),


EnteleChy 2010/GDX 2010

First Place, Best Concept Art - "Winter Fortress"


Savannah College Of Art And Design (SCAD)

Combined Honors Scholarship



3D Modeling, Autodesk Maya, Concept Art, Concept Development, Storyboarding, Visual Design, 2D And 3D Animation, 3D Texturing, AfterEffects, Animation, Character Setup/Rigging, Color Scripting, Illustrator, Photoshop,

Group Projects

“Moa”- Director: Bridget Underwood (2011-)
Color Script artist, Background Painter
• Create color keys for film to emphasize mood and composition
• Painted background layouts for film shots

“Rain Dance”- Director: Nate Swinehart (2011)
Ink and Paint artist
• Used Toom Boom Pro to color and ink shots for final compositing

“Past and Future (Working Title)”- Director: Joy Hua (2010)
•Body Setup and Skinning for main characters: “Present”, “Future”
• Facial Setup for “Future” Rig

“Out of Time”- Director: Natalia Mercado (2010)
• Body Setup and Skinning for Main Character: Time Traveler
Background Painter
• Painted final credits background

“Locked Out”- Director: Katie McGowan (2010)
• Body Setup and Skinning for Main Characters: Amy, Gary
Color Script Artist
• assisted with color and light keys

“Punisher”- Director: Kai Wang (2010)
• Body, Face Setup, Skinning for Main Character: Yellow Kid