Cristy C. Road

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American Illustrator. Blending punk rock, queer counterculture, mental inadequacies, social justice, and a dash of perverted humor- Cristy C. Road thrives to testify the beauty of the imperfect. Her career began in 1996, when publishing GREEN'ZINE- a fanzine entirely devoted to Green Day (which eventually became personalized, beyond punk rock). Today, Road has published three illustrated novels- INDESTRUCTIBLE, BAD HABITS; and SPIT AND PASSION; as well as a postcard collection, DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW SICK. Aside from publishing, Road has been contributing art to punk rock, literature, publications, radical organizing, and much more for the last ten years. Road currently is working on paintings, and her punk rock band THE HOMEWRECKERS. She is a double Gemini, and lives in Brooklyn with a short attention span and a killer gas problem.

Work Experience


Cristy C. Road

In 1997, I started writing a Greenzine, a zine entirely devoted to Green Day. That eventually evolved into narratives with more depth and more stories on sexuality, healing, anger, racism, and challenging the hetero-normative world that dismissed my ability to function. In 2005, Microcosm Publishing published my first illustrated novel, Indestructible. In 2008 Soft Skull published my second book, Bad Habits, and my more recent book is a graphic novel entitled Spit and Passion, on Feminist Press. Ive been working as a freelance illustrator [aside from this] since 2004; and have clients ranging from GQ and Jane Magazine, to the Young Womens Empowerment Project, Bitch Magazine, and The Progressive Magazine to tons of punk rock bands around the world. I perform lectures and readings at Colleges, Universities, bookstores, cafe's, and punk rock shows. Ive toured nationally and internationally with Sister Spit, an all-queer spoken word tour, and on my own, or with my band, The Homewreckers. Im currently working on a Tarot card deck with Sister Spit founder, Michelle Tea. At the end of the day, Im my own boss.
April 1997 - Present Brooklyn, New York, United States


Ringling College Of Art And Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

September 2000 - May 2004 Sarasota, Florida, United States


English (Fluent),
Spanish (Fluent),


Acrylic Paint, Cartooning, Comics, Erotic Art, Graphic Art, Graphic Design, Ink, Layout, Photoshop, Still Life Drawing, Typography, Writing, Figure Drawing, Markers,