Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith Illustration

Baltimore, MD, USA
Stephanie Smith is an illustrator and designer with more than 15 years experience. She is equally at home with natural media and digital tools, and frequently uses both together. She uses those skills to help tell stories visually, using artwork to enhance and expand upon the written narrative, and creating decorative elements that support the overarching theme of the project.

Versatile and ready to work within the needs of each individual project, her preferred style includes classic ink drawing in the style of an engraving or woodcut, but she's equally ready to work in animation-friendly vector art and instructional diagrams, and when working on projects set in a particular period is ready to research the style and visual elements to match.

Stephanie's artwork is heavily influenced by the traditions of both classic illustrated children's books and modern narrative artwork including comic books.


Towson State University

MFA Illustration

I attended the MFA program at Towson University part time over the course of several years while working professionally as a graphic designer. During that time I experimented with media, participated in group gallery shows, and most importantly, rubbed elbows with talented artists in wide variety of media.
Towson, Maryland, United States


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Book Illustration, Comics, Drawing, Information Architecture, Information Graphics, Ink Drawing, Layout, Life Drawing, Motion Graphics , Pencil Drawing, Print Design, Sequential Art , Watercolor, Web Design,