Cristobal de Alba

Creative Designer & Multimedia Artist

Guadalajara, Mexico
World citizen, Creative Designer and Multimedia artist based in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Putting together design, photography, film, animation, music, technology and love, all spiced up with a touch of creativity and innovation, on the quest to contribute in making our world a little happier and better for everyone.

Work Experience

Zenith Adventure Media

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Zenith Adventure Media was born out of the dream of doing what we love. It is our passion and our drive. Zenith defines itself as an Integrated communication and media group focused in making high quality productions for adventure sports and the outdoor world.
January 2012 - Present Guadalajara, Mexico

HHBrown Shoe Co.

Designer / Sketcher / Product Development

⁃ Performing as designer for the start-up of the new season collection, contributing with creative ideas, new patterns and styles according to the current trends and brand guidelines.

⁃ Actively involved in research and product development, shoe design and creative process, from trend-spotting and analysis, conceptualizing, proposal and design implementation.

⁃ Sketching, illustration and Drawing skills doing shoe patterns, outsoles, and graphic designs applied on patterns, technical drawings, etc.
September 2007 - Greenwich, Connecticut, United States


Freelance Designer

⁃ Logo, Branding and identity design for a Shoe Brand, Architecture firm & Carpentry Services, Italian Fast Food Restaurant and some other minor clients
⁃ Furniture and Interior Design for small clients
September 2008 - Guadalajara, Mexico

Several Projects

Freelance Music composer / Producer

⁃ Creating Jingles, Soundscapes, for advertising, commercial use and the sort.
⁃ Sound Design
⁃ Music Production / Composing for multimedia and motion graphics, (games, soundtracks, radio, etc)
2008 - Guadalajara, Mexico

Independent Projects & Clients

Freelance Photographer

⁃ Photo Manipulation, photomontages.
⁃ Landscape & nature photography
⁃ Product Photography
⁃ Project Conceptualization, Creative process
2010 - Guadalajara, Mexico

Logistica Exportadora S.A. De C.V.

Designer - Product Development

Actively involved in research and product development, especially on the shoe design and creative process area.
Sketching, illustration and Drawing skills doing shoe patterns, outsoles, and graphic designs applied on patterns, technical drawings, etc.
July 2006 - Guadalajara, Leon, Mexico

Logistica Exportadora S.A. De C.V.

Product Development - Inventory and Samples Management

Managed Samples Requirements from Clients, placement to factories; Control, Monitoring, Reception, packaging and Shipping to retailer / final client.
Restructured and improved Product Development Dep. procedures, implementing better and more efficient samples control and monitoring methods.
Implementation and use of formal Inventory Computer System for keeping track of leather and samples stock.
September 2005 - August 2008 Guadalajara, Mexico

Logistica Exportadora S.A. De C.V

Administrative Assistant

Control and monitoring of office Expenses, Payments, Charges and related administrative procedures.
Done office duties such as filing, answering telephone calls, billing, documentation and various other duties as assigned.
January 2005 - August 2005 Guadalajara, Mexico

Haken S.A. De C.V.

Warehouse Assistant

- Performed Inventory Procedures
- Organize and facilitate warehouse stock arrangement for a smooth in and out flow
- Administrate and keep track of warehouse products and various other duties as assigned
May 2004 - August 2004 Guadalajara, Mexico


NHL (University Of Applied Sciences, Communication And Multimedia Design Institute)

Minor in Art and Sound

- Minor in Art and Sound involving:
- Sound Design & Music Production for Motion Pictures
- Future Media Leeuwarden Project, producing an innovative Interactive installation, winner of the NHL 2012 Awards.
January 2012 - July 2012 Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Griffith University

Multimedia Design Undergraduate

⁃ The Photographic Nude course (Studio / lighting techniques)
⁃ Theory of photo imaging process
⁃ Product Design & innovation
⁃ Participated at the ARMA 2010 competition, proposing an innovative new product for the roto-molding industry.
⁃ Video Composition
February 2010 - July 2010 Brisbane, Australia

Western Institute Of Technology And Higher Education

Integral Design Bachelor

Focused on Integral Design, developing proficiency in areas such as:
- Industrial Design
- Graphic Design
- Web Design
- Animation
- Design creative process
January 2007 - December 2012 Guadalajara, Mexico

University Of Guadalajara

Music Bachelor

2008 - 2010 Guadalajara, Mexico


Spanish (Native),
English (Fluent),
French (Conversational),
Dutch (Beginner),



Design Awards 2010


World Photography Organization

Sony World Photography Awards 2012



NHL 2012 Awards



Fashion Design, Photo Manipulation, Shoe Design, Sketching, 3ds Max, Ableton Live, Adobe Suite, Apple Logic, Crafting Skills, Creative, Design Management, Drawing, Film Making, Filmscoring, Graphic Design, Illustration, Music Production, Painting, Photography, Photomontage, Product Design, Resolume Avenue, Solid Works, Wavelab Pro,


▪ Creative Multimedia Artist (Photo / Video / Design)
▪ Pasionate Musician, Experienced in Audio processing & Music production
▪ Integral Designer (Product design, Graphic & Multimedia, Fashion and Shoe design)
▪ Excellent Illustration, sketching and crafts skills
▪ Creative thinking, Ability to come up quickly with innovative ideas and proposals according to specified criteria.
▪ Rapid understanding of the Client’s necessities, and easiness to translate the ideas down to creative solutions.
▪ Worked in demanding international work environments, 8 years experience in Shoe Design and Product Development.
▪ Proficiency in 2D & 3D Design software as well Motion/video and Audio/Music Production software.
▪ English and Spanish proficiency and some French

Informatics & Software

Design Software:
▪ Proficiency in Adobe Suite
▪ Highly skilled in Illustrator (Vector Graphic design), Photoshop (photo/image manipulation), Premiere, Ater Effects (Video & motion Graphics) & InDesign (editorial design)
▪ 3D Studio Max (3D modeling, animation & render)
▪ Solid Works LTD (3D modeling, Product Design)
▪ Delcam Crispin Shoe Design (3D shoe pattern-making CAD/CAM solution)

DAW, Audio Editing & Music Production software:
▪ Apple Logic (Music production, recording, Editing, Mixing)
▪ Skilled in Ableton Live (Digital Music Production & live performance)
▪ Steinberg WaveLab (Audio Edition, Mixing, Mastering)
▪ Peak Pro (Audio editing)
▪ Adobe Audition (Audio editing)

Video & Animation:
▪ Resolume Avenue (live VJ)
▪ Autodesk 3DS Max
▪ Adobe Premiere Pro
▪ After Effects

Additional Information

Other Education & Certificates

▪ 2009 | SSI Open Water Diver Certificate
▪ 2010 | QLD RSA Hospitality Certificate (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Other Skills & Abilities:

▪ Hard worker, Well-done, careful and self-demanding
▪ Collaborative, team worker, respectful, Leader.
▪ Ample knowledge in Audio signal processing, Editing, Recording, Mixing, Production, MIDI
▪ Knowledgeable in Woodworking & Landscaping

Other interests & Activities:
▪ 1st place High School State Competition Debate, (2004)
▪ Facilitated Community Service during high school & University, (2005-2009)
▪ Travel Photography, Drawing/Painting, Music composition, piano, guitar, Film-making, Nature, Traveling.
▪ Outdoor Sports lover (Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Mountain Bike, Kite surfing, diving)