enrico penello

Creative designer

Genoa, Italy
Freelance graphic designer and creative consultant.
Experience over 10 years in graphic design for companies and national and international brands.
Full capacity to follow all the steps of the creative process.
Competence in suggesting creative ideas at various levels and for different sectors;
Knowledge of problems of industrial production, feasibility studies and market integration;
Confidence in dealing with multiple jobs simultaneously and lead a team of 2-3 people;
Master the use of the best graphic design softwares (eg Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After effects, Flash, Pages, Keynote - Apple FinalCut - Maxon Cinema 4D)
In 2007 I designed the swimsuit graphic that has sold more yards of fabric in the history of Speedo.
Production areas:
Design fashion and sports clothing and accessories;
Creation of web sites and corporate multimedia presentations in Flash;
Design Display POS and packaging; Video editing, 3D modeling and animation, video compositing;
Design of microelectronic devices for sport

Work Experience


Freelance graphic designer

Collaboration with Aitek spa:
Study of innovative technology solutions, Some projects on behalf of Autostrade SpA, (project for the restructuring of the user interfaces of checkouts and the internal terminals for Autostrade Spa; Concept design of graphical user interfaces for video surveillance services; Design of promotional graphics for information kiosks;
Collaboration with Nextage:
Video management portal interface design; Realization infographics for wall;
Personal projects:
Concept applications and games for iPad and iPhone; Realization of the graphics of a music CD for a Genoese singer-songwriter, Rino Calandra. Concept design of the graphics for the site of the contemporary art gallery Violabox, of Genoa; I work with a jeweler for the restyling of the windows; Study concept and realization of computers, smart phones; Design Collection of sunglasses I will produce (Fractured sunglasses) Various concepts of interior design
July 2010 - Italy

O-range S.r.l.

creative senior designer

Employed for over 10 years at the O-range study, I addressed several areas of work as well as typical problems of design:
Graphic Design for the production of swimwear for the Speedo brand, (one of the biggest brands in the production of costumes for competition, sport and leisure); Design of innovative sports products, such as wrist heart rate monitors, bike computers, through the use of 3D software;
Three-dimensional animations, corporate flash presentations, websites, catalogs, leaflets, catalogs and advertising material; Design of complete uniforms for two football Serie A clubs, Bologna and Vicenza, choice of style and materials, supervision to final production; Design 3 ° mesh (used in European competitions) for Inter and Lazio; Design 1st layer t-shirts for the team-NorthSails Alinghi, winner in those years of America’s Cup 2000.
1999-2000. Collection t-shirts for the historic brand MISTRAL.
2000-2001. Suit for the football team (Serie A) and Bologna Vicenza, jerseys, shorts, socks, workout clothes and leisure jackets from the bench or whatever. Design 3 ° mesh to LAZIO INTER and engaged in the Uefa Cup, with sponsor UMBRO, and also the commemorative t-shirt if you win one of two teams.
2001-2002. Construction design for the collection of shorts man from the sea and urban brand LEVI’S.
1998-2007. Design and graphics printed on the customs pool and beach on behalf of Speedo International, annual production of 2 series of about a hundred proposals, autumn-winter and spring-summer collections for training and competition in the pool and beach.
2002-2003. Design and print model for a top layer for the 1st team Alinghi NorthSails, Sensitive ® fabrics made with full graphics.
2003-2006. Design collection of sports watches for brands SPEEDO International, and design of the first heart rate monitor wrist fully integrated (no chest strap).
2004-2005. Design templates and graphics for collection of costumes for Men’s Swimwear Speedo International.
2007-2010. Design templates and graphics for the brand Beretta weapons, the shotgun making bags, purses and totes, backpacks, belts and ammunition, in a classic style, style and even competing.
2007-2010. Industrial design for the construction of sports watches, bicycle computers, technology accessories on behalf of Dayton Industrial of Hong Kong, which makes these technological objects on behalf of other brands such as Suunto, Garmin.
Over the years in relationship with Orange design studio I went through different phases of creative work, moving from ‘industrial design three- dimensional animation, video editing to the field in which I have followed some corporate presentations, creating effects compositing of video and 3D animations, to show the construction or renovation of buildings and tourist villas, residential, industrial.
This special style allows to display objects, buildings, environments, first from the technical point of view, and then in a realistic setting. For some projects I have made some special effects in post production, always with the technique of compositing video/3d. In the field of industrial design I worked to achieve many sports watches on behalf of a large industry of Hong Kong, designed for various sports brands such as Speedo, Suunto, Polar, Garmin, as well as bike computer, with its measurement pods.
The creative process is then concluded with the creation of business presentations in Flash, on the products in question, but also to show creative concepts, trends and trends related to the products, but also proposals for business partnerships, such as the acquisition of licenses brand, still in the field of sports watches, or for children, such as Superga, Cactus, Dunlop, Slazenger.
In many cases I have also realized the transposition of paper presentations, as well as I realized catalogues, posters, leaflets, hang tags, some product lines to the school on behalf of Giochi Preziosi, the Superga brand, products such as stationery, notebooks and diaries.
In a collaboration with the University of Genova - LIRA-Lab, Department of Computer and System Sciences, creating the logo for the project I-Cub, I also made some multimedia presentations, some posters and brochures. I also created several Flash web sites, some listed below, made for the promotion of bags, and various other business activities.
I realized the concept of window displays, packaging, exhibition stands, always linked to the development of the products listed above.
May 1998 - July 2010 Genoa, Italy

Blackbird Promotion

Live music promoter

Through the foundation of the cultural circle Blackbird promotions along with some friends, I designed and managed the evening called “Cinquesacchi” weekly live music event in a famous club in the center called Nessundorma Genoa, much popular in the nineties. Organization of the evening, contact with agencies and management of band music, graphic design for posters, flyers and invitations, reception band. Head of advertising and media relations.
The next step in collaboration with the local music was to open and manage a few bars and some musical evenings in the historic centre and in the east of Genoa. Creating and managing the bar “Hot Vibes Station”, a disco bar with exhibitions of young artists from Genoa, and exhibition of national and international DJs. Collaboration Management of music clubs and Lukrezia Señor de Bonfim. Then I continued to work as a music promoter on behalf of several clubs in town.
November 1992 - December 1998 Genoa, Italy


Liceo Artistico Paul Klee

artistic diploma

September 1990 - June 1996 Genoa, Italy

University Of Genoa

laurea breve in disegno industriale

I attended the Master of Science in Industrial Design at the University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture
June 1997 - August 1998 Genoa, Italy


English (Advanced),
Italian (Native),


3D Animation, 3d Design, 3D Modeling, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign CS4, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative, Creative Director, Final Cut Pro, Freehand MX, IMovie, Maxon CInema 4D, Microsoft Office Suite, Photo, Photo Editing, IDVD, Iphoto,