Adrian Myers

Freelance Multimedia Artist & Digital Tutor

Raleigh, NC, USA

Work Experience

Coyote Spark

Independent Multimedia Artist

• Used Illustrator and InDesign to design graphic media and branding materials for print and digital marketing
• Used traditional and digital media to create concept sketches, character designs, illustrations, and paintings
• Used Maya and Mudbox to create 3D models of characters, consumer products, environments, and other assets for use in film, games, animations, and presentations
• Managed UVs in Maya and created textures using Maya’s shader networks, Unity’s materials and shaders, Photoshop to create and edit custom textures, and Mudbox to create high-detail textures and normal maps
• Used After Effects, Maya, and Photoshop to create 2D and 3D animation for film, logo bumpers, interactive presentations, advertisements, and websites
• Used Adobe Premiere to edit, render, and publish videos in multiple formats for use on websites, DVDs, and presentations
• Composed, performed, edited, and published music and sound effects for use in film, animation, games, and websites
• Used Dreamweaver, Adobe ProSite editor, and CMS platforms to design and code responsive desktop and mobile websites
• Drastically improved search visibility of clients' websites by optimizing page speed, effectively utilizing keywords, and formatting all site elements to meet current SEO standards
• Improved web visibility by setting up and managing online listings such as Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo!, and Yellow Pages
• Increased client engagement by managing social media pages and streamlining updates with tools such as Buffer and IFTTT
• Effectively managed multiple client projects by creating project calendars, adhering to deadlines, and logging hours worked
• Scheduled client meetings and utilized consistent, clear, and professional written and verbal communication
• Handled all accounting, including generating new client files, creating and sending estimates and invoices, receiving and recording payments, and sending receipts in a timely manner
January 2013 - Present North Carolina, United States

ClearBlue Waters

Web Designer, Manager, and Multimedia Artist

Web Design and Management:
• Designed and managed two responsive and mobile-friendly desktop websites and two mobile websites using Dreamweaver and the server's plain text interface
• Drastically improved web presence by optimizing page speed, effectively utilizing keywords, and formatting all site elements to meet current SEO standards
• Monitored website analytics to improve SE ranking
• Set up and managed web listings such as Yellow Pages, Google Places and Bing Local, Houzz, Yahoo!, and others
• Photographed products & formatted images for use on websites
• Used Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphic elements and ads for websites and social media
• Assisted in setting up and running social media
• Created and submitted sitemaps for all sites
• Advised and directed other team members on creative projects

Art & Design:
Responsible for all art and graphic design needs, including but not limited to:
• Logo design
• Business cards
• Posters
• Coupons
• Post cards
• Signage
• Labels
• Price tags and sale signs
• Magazine ads
• Yard flags
• Reference guides for retail use
• Charcoal drawings
• Murals and paintings
• Photo touchups
• Banners
• Vinyl decals
• Vehicle wraps
• T-shirts and hats
• 3D modeling for concept design
• Editorial cartoons
May 2010 - September 2015 North Carolina, United States

WyzAnt Tutoring

Private Tutor

WyzAnt Tutor page:

Provided online and in-person tutoring in:

• Painting and Drawing (focus in figure drawing)
• Graphic Design (including logo design and layouts for print media)
• Illustration and Concept Art (digital painting)
• Photo Editing
• Vector art and design
• Intro-level video editing and animation (when available)

Art and design-specific programs I tutor in include:
• Adobe Creative Cloud (general help)
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• After Effects
• Bridge

Provided clear written and verbal communication to instruct students during lessons, and responded to all student inquiries

Responsible for scheduling, creating notifications, and logging lessons for multiple students in a timely manner

Maintained lesson notes, shared files, and student project files

Utilized Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to teach graphic design principles for marketing projects such as logo design, business cards, brochures, zines, and more.
August 2014 - Present North Carolina, United States

The East Carolinian

Editorial Cartoonist

Received articles from authors and created cartoon illustrations to accompany them. Responsible for submitting digital illustrations in a timely manner for publication.
August 2009 - August 2010 North Carolina, United States


East Carolina University

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Animation and Interactive Design

• Built a strong fine arts foundation
• Gave and received constructive guidance in group critiques
• Participated in and lead group presentations
• Worked independently and collaboratively
• Gained experience in a Motion Capture studio
• Used Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Vicon Blade, Unity 3D
• Designed concept art and graphics, including logos, branding elements, advertisements, UI and website mockups, storyboards, characters, props, game levels, and environments
• Character rigging
• Utilized Mechanim in Unity3D
• Animation (2D & 3D)
• 3D modeling
• Created textures using Photoshop, Maya’s node-based shader networks, Unity’s materials and shaders, and Mudbox for high-detail maps
• Captured, edited, rendered, and published digital video footage
• Designed responsive desktop and mobile websites
• Composed, recorded, and edited music and sound effects for use in film, animation, games, and websites
August 2008 - December 2014 North Carolina, United States

Appalachian State University

Music Industry Studies (no degree)

• Began Music Industry studies
• Played flute and piccolo with the Marching Mountaineers
• Participated in the Lord Mayor of London's New Year's Day Parade in London in 2005-2006 with the Marching Mountaineers.
• Began studying Japanese
• Studied flute with a private instructor
• Worked in food services
August 2004 - May 2006 North Carolina, United States

Forestview High School


• Graduated Summa Cum Laude
• First chair flutist for 2 years
• Section Leader in marching band
• Nominated for Governor's School
• Honors and AP classes
• Won academic achievement awards in Physical Science, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and English
August 2000 - May 2004 North Carolina, United States


English (Native),
Japanese (Beginner),


East Carolina University's School Of Art And Design Undergraduate Exhibition

Award of Merit in 2-D Animation


East Carolina University's School Of Art And Design Scholarship And Awards Committee

University Book Exchange (UBE) Scholarship


2009 School Of Art And Design Undergraduate Exhibition

Dowdy Student Stores Award of Excellence in the Arts


The East Carolinian

Most Creative TEC Worker


Southeast Journalism Conference

Best News Editorial Artist/Illustrator - 4th


East Carolina University's School Of Art And Design Scholarship And Awards Committee

ECU Art Enthusiasts Scholarship



3d Animation, 3D Graphics, 3D Modeling, 3D Texturing, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro , Autodesk Maya, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Autodesk Mudbox, Ceramics, Character Rigging, Computer Graphics, Concept Art, Concept Design, CSS3, Digital Illustration, Drawing, Drawing, Final Cut Pro, Flute, Game Design, Game Development, Garage Band, Graphic Design, Graphic Novels, HTML 5, Illustration, Manga, Motion Capture, Motion Graphics , Musical Composition, Musical Performance, Painting, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, SEO, Social Media, Special Effects, Storyboards, Unity 3D, Video Editing, Vocal, Web Design, Web Management,

College Courses

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Animation/Interactive Design
East Carolina University:

Drawing (Art 1020)
Design I (Art 1005)
Figure Drawing (Art 1030)
Design II (Art 1015)
The Dimensions of Art (Art 1905)
Art History Survey (Art 1906)
Animation/Interactive Design Survey (Art 2070)
Photography Survey (Art 2220)
Art History Survey II (Art 1907)
Intro to Digital 3D Modeling and Animation (Art 2470)
Intro to Video Art (Art 3080)
Sculpture Survey (Art 2705)
Digital 3D Animation (Art 3470)
Asian Art (Art 3920)
Intermediate Figure Drawing (Art 2550)
Painting Survey (Art 2560)
Electronic Interactive Multimedia (Art 3070)
Native North American Art and Ritual (Art 3961)
Art and Landscape in the Andes (Art 3962)
Advanced Interactive Multimedia (Art 4070)
Ceramics Survey (Art 2105)
Intermediate Video Art (Art 3081)
Motion Graphics Studio (Art 3082)
African Art (Art 3970)
Digital 3D Lighting and Rendering (Art 4470)
Intro to Philosophy of Art - Writing Intensive (Phil 2271)
Ceramics Studio I (Art 2115)
Art & Power in Mesoamerica - Writing Intensive (Art 3960)
Professional Practice (Art 4411)
Painting Composition (Art 2561)
Japanese Level IV (Japn 1004)
Concept Art (Art 3001)

Music Industry Studies
Appalachian State University:

Japanese Level I (Japn 1001)
Japanese Level II (Japn 1002)
Japanese Level III (Japn 1003)
Marching Band (Mus 1100)
Symphonic Band (Mus 1101)
Flute I (AMU 1315)
Flute II (AMU 1316)
Intro to World Music (MUS 2018)
Functional Guitar Class (Mus 1042)
Performance Seminar (MUS 1500)
Introduction to Music (MUS 2011)
Small Group Communication (COM 3110)
Basic Musicianship (MUS 1003)
Introduction to Theatre (THR 2011)