Corey Lewis

Visual Arts

Hello. Corey Lewis. My default mode is to create things. Wether it be comic books to video games to other people's intellectual IP-- I live to offer my own perspective.

In general I am just a huge proponent of cool ideas actualized into visual reality! Ideas that will hopefully provide additional substance to the world.

Work Experience


Character Design

Character Designs for "Emperor Eric Robot" cartoon pitch.

Warner Bros.

Character Design

Character designs for unannounced cartoon pitch.


Character & Concept Design

Character and Concept designs for "TMNT" cartoon pitch.

World Famous

Illustrator, Storyboards, Animation

Illustration, Storyboards and Animation provided for various T-Mobile commercial spots.

Image Comics

Writer, Illustrator

Writer & Illustrator of my own comic series "Sun Bakery"


Illustrator, Writer

Illustrator, Writer on "X-Men: Nation X" and "Strange Tales" comics.



Illustrator of a "God of War" PSN comic.

Cartoon Network

Character Design, Storyboards, Development

Character Design, Storyboards and Development on "Seedless", my own cartoon optioned by Cartoon Network.