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Alfredo Castillo

Ctrl + Z

Caracas, Venezuela
Ctrl+Z (Alfredo Castillo) was born in the city of Montreal, Quebec, in 1983. A few years after his birth, his family returned to Venezuela, and he lived in the cities of Caracas and Valencia.

During his childhood he took drawing courses due to the interest he expressed from an early age. It is from these courses that he’d start to develop a unique style that would get even more defined through the years.

He studied architecture at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, career in which he’d show a comprehensive understanding of abstraction, synthesis and understanding of space, skills developed at an early age because of his interest in illustration. He completed his studies in 2009.

He began to develop an academic tendency, which was fed by the workshops at his Alma mater. Thus, had the opportunity to weave the spatial vision of the architect with the ease and expression of artistic techniques he was studying at the moment. Along with this trend, he ventured in street art tendency, in which he worked with image synthesis and exploring the use of stencil for massive, fast and aggressive reproductions.

It’s during his college years that Castillo began to search for a name for his artistic persona. He decided to use the Ctrl+Z pseudonym, the correction command, as a tag. This is due to its relentless pursuit for perfection and optimum results in his work.

Later, the author would merge his two perspectives, academic and street art. By doing this he realized he’d get great expressive results. This dual perspective began with the collage as a working platform. Along with the synthesis and assembly that this technique requires, he began to explore the use of vivid colors, which is the defining element of the artist’s expressive language.

He later developed the technique, called by him, of “serial planes” (planos seriados). It consists of the use of isolated acrylic sheets, and in each one of the layers he captured an image, obtaining with this a great depth and expression hardly achieved in classic two dimensions’ assemblies. When layers are isolated it is possible to perceive not only depth, but movement and a kinetic geometric abstraction.

Currently, Castillo is at a digital exploration stage with a graphic tendency, combining academic techniques and the bases of graphic theory to achieve consistent results with his new experience with color.
Work Experience
Caracas, Venezuela
Oct 2006Jul 2007
Pinedo – Sucre Landscaping
Designer and Illustrator
Architect Rowland Pinedo and Architect Miguel Ángel Sucre
Caracas, Venezuela
Aug 2009Sep 2010
NEOS Group
Caracas, Venezuela
Jul 2010Oct 2010
Villa del Cine Foundation
Art producer and set’s prop manager
Feature Film project “ANA” . Director: Rodríguez brothers
Caracas, Venezuela
Nov 2010May 2011
Villa del Cine Foundation
Set’s prop manager and produc manager
Feature Film project “AZU” . Director: Luis Alberto Lamata.
Caracas, Venezuela
Jan 2012May 2013
Art Director
Caracas, Venezuela
Jun 2013Present
Graphic Artist - Designer
Caracas, Venezuela
Oct 2001Nov 2008
Bachelos of Architecture
English (Fluent), Spanish (Native)
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autocad, Office
II Plastic Art’s Saloon.
VIII Biena de Cadiz
First place