Claudio Limon

Art Director

Arandas, Mexico
Claudio Limon is a Mexican Designer born in the Highland area of Jalisco in Mexico. He began his studies in painting when he was 10 years old. When he reached the age of 17 he entered the University of Guadalajara in Mexico to pursue his bachelor's degree as a Graphic Designer.

He has made several solo and group art exhibitions. His designs and illustrations have won prestige inside and outside of Mexico; flees style sensationalism and misuse of technology resources, with a taste for the stroke manual, pleasant carelessness in the manner of naive and childish innocence apparent which removes the drawing of objective standards.

He is always seeking freedom. He loves to find details where nobody else sees them and to create things from emotions. To create is his daily incentive, he lives from letting his mind and heart live. His passion has been converted by the richness of Mexican popular culture. He believe colors are a fundamental part of his inspiration.

Claudio Limón started his own design and illustration studio in 2006, you can see his work at

Work Experience

Vértice Comunicación

Art Director

Director in the retouch, photomontage department. Art director and senior designer for accounts like Honda, Ferrero Rocher, etc.
January 2002 - January 2006 Guadalajara, Mexico

Limon Design Studio

Art Director

February 2006 - Present Arandas, Mexico



B.A. Graphic Design

Guadalajara, Mexico


Art, Design, Drawing, Graphic Concept, Illustration, Painting, Photo Retouch,