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  • April 3, 2024
    Making Waves
    Making Waves
    Use the Curvature Pen Tool and provided elements to create a wave-like mini-poster. Open your Photoshop file with Adobe Express and use the motion tools to create an undulating animation for an aesthetic social media post.
  • April 10, 2024
    Using Negative Space
    Using Negative Space
    Use the provided assets to design an animated scene template comprised of layered shapes. Experiment with dramatic contrasts in color to split your piece into two dueling themes. Spice up your project in Adobe Express with motion tools!
  • April 17, 2024
    Motion Lighting
    Motion Lighting
    Use noise textures and brushes to add 3D form to flat shapes. Upload your project files to Express and create a unique revolving animation gesture that will WOW your social media followers!
  • April 24, 2024
    Mirror Effects
    Mirror Effects
    Using Smart Objects, Gradient Maps and Generative Features to create a Rorschach Test style piece. Use the following prompt to get started: BUTTERFLY INK BLOTS WITH MESSY
  • May 1, 2024
    Challenge is not accessible
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  • Get Adobe Photoshop
    If you can think it, you can make it with Photoshop, the world’s best imaging and graphic design software.
  • Chat with the Community
    Connect with the Photoshop community on Discord to get valuable feedback on your work and find answers to your questions.

Explore Past Challenges

  • Fantastical Collage with Adobe Firefly
    Fantastical Collage with Adobe Firefly
    Effortlessly isolate complex subjects with Ai enhance one-click selections and image to image generations to combine your photographs and your imagination to one creative composite!
  • Custom Type Effects
    Custom Type Effects
    Create type hierarchy, visual balance, and text effects to design an attention-grabbing title for a collage!
  • Mock-Up Templates
    Mock-Up Templates
    A mock-up guide to Photoshop's smart objects and pre-made templates to seamlessly display your artwork on physical products and guarantee the most visually striking showcase of your work on Behance!
  • Social media Marketing
    Social media Marketing
    Learn to create unique branded marketing designs to show of your work by using artboards in Photoshop!
  • Font & Photo Fusion
    Font & Photo Fusion
    In this tutorial, you will learn how to creatively combine fonts from different families and seamlessly integrate them with images for visually appealing designs.
  • Text Warp Magic
    Text Warp Magic
    Twist and warp your text around objects like a pro! This quick tutorial will have you warping text in no time for cool and funky designs. We'll be using Adobe Firefly and Photoshop
  • Animating Your Art: Crafting GIFs with Photoshop
    Animating Your Art: Crafting GIFs with Photoshop
    In this tutorial, we'll show you how to breathe life into your static images with simple yet stunning GIF animations using Photoshop. Learn to wield Photoshop's Timeline tool and elevate your visual storytelling like never before.
  • Pixel Stretch Effect
    Pixel Stretch Effect
    Discover the art of pixel stretching in this week's challenge! Learn to breathe dynamic energy into your images with this stretching technique.
  • Designing a Vibrant Disco Flyer
    Designing a Vibrant Disco Flyer
    Integrate vibrant colors, flashy elements, and dynamic typography for an electrifying design.
  • Less is More: Mastering Minimalist Poster Design
    Less is More: Mastering Minimalist Poster Design
    Learn how to create a sleek, minimalist poster. This tutorial focuses on clean design principles, effective use of space, and impactful minimalism.
  • Color Pop: Black & White Photos with a Twist
    Color Pop: Black & White Photos with a Twist
    Transform a standard photo into a striking black and white image with a pop of color for dramatic effect. Perfect for highlighting key elements in your photos.
  • Snap to Sketch: Crafting Comics from Your Photos
    Snap to Sketch: Crafting Comics from Your Photos
    Turn any photo into a comic book-style illustration. Learn techniques for adding patterns, bold outlines, and a vibrant color palette
  • Photorealism with Gen Fil
    Photorealism with Gen Fil
    Use generative features and photo editing techniques to create unique, photorealistic design assets.
  • 3D Type Templates
    3D Type Templates
    Use smart objects and layer styles to create a custom 3D type template.
  • Large Scale Projects
    Large Scale Projects
    Use Artboards and CC Libraries to design a custom project file designed to be reused for large creative projects. Experiment with layouts using grids to create dynamic posts.
  • Community Recap
    Community Recap
    Follow along with this extended challenge as Val explores new Photoshop features and incorporates custom assets and templates to create a poster.
  • Instagram Worthy Vacation Photos
    Instagram Worthy Vacation Photos
    Transform your vacation photos into post-worthy Instagram reels with animation effects and compositing in Photoshop.
  • Animated Party Invites
    Animated Party Invites
    Create a design for a beach party in photoshop using Generative Fill. Then, animate the design with music and voiceover in Adobe Express.
  • Creating Video in Photoshop
    Creating Video in Photoshop
    Use Adobe Stock to lay the foundation of your video. Then, use Generative Fill to add elements to your composite. Finally, use the timeline animation tools to create a frame animation!
  • Adding Motion to Your Photoshop Designs
    Adding Motion to Your Photoshop Designs
    Design a custom sticker using Photoshop, then, move your assets into a Creative Cloud library to add quick motion in Adobe Express.
  • Design A Personalized Bobble Head
    Design A Personalized Bobble Head
    Use simple shapes to create a unique bobble head character with textures and dimension.
  • Animating with Voiceover
    Animating with Voiceover
    Use assets from Photoshop to arrange a unique scene and animate in Adobe Express. Then, add voiceover to bring your creation to life!
  • Packaging Design in Photoshop
    Packaging Design in Photoshop
    Experiment with typography, color, and shape to create a custom package. Then, apply your design to a mockup for a quick look at the final product.
  • Revamping Movie Posters
    Revamping Movie Posters
    Unleash the power of typefaces and reimagine a movie poster with custom typography and text effects.
  • Mastering the Art of Photo Restoration
    Mastering the Art of Photo Restoration
    Learn how to use advanced techniques to restore your photos, remove scratches, and recolor.
  • Create A Dual Color Exposure Effect
    Create A Dual Color Exposure Effect
    Create mesmerizing visuals by using duotones, masking, and blending modes to make a unique double exposure effect.
  • Social Media Magic
    Social Media Magic
    Design eye-popping graphics with Photoshop & Adobe Express (Beta).
  • Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta
    Generative Fill in Photoshop Beta
    Explore the magic of Generative Fill with Paul Trani as he shows you how to transform your images with ease.
  • Discover the New Gradient Tool
    Discover the New Gradient Tool
    Add a unique tone to your photos, or create a striking design by creating custom gradients with ease, by using the new gradient tool in Photoshop.
  • How To Use The Contextual Task Bar
    How To Use The Contextual Task Bar
    Discover your new Photoshop co-pilot and speed up your workflow with the new contextual task bar in Photoshop.
  • Transform Your Photos with Adjustment Presets
    Transform Your Photos with Adjustment Presets
    Give your photos a new feel in a flash with the new adjustment presets in Photoshop.
  • Photo Composition 101
    Photo Composition 101
    Use the power of Adobe Stock and Generative Fill together to lay out the perfect composition for you photos.
  • Cleaning Up Your Images
    Cleaning Up Your Images
    Use Generative Fill to remove unwanted distractions blemishes, or anything else you don’t want in your photos!
  • Expanding Images
    Expanding Images
    Resize your images for social media or print by expanding the view using Generate Fill.
  • Level Up Your Skills
    Level Up Your Skills
    Grow your creative skills with this creative challenge!
  • Animating with Variable Type
    Animating with Variable Type
    Create an Instagram story with animated variable type using Photoshop.
  • Custom Brushes
    Custom Brushes
    Create custom brushes and using Adobe Express for additional resources to create a fantasy map!
  • Layer Styles
    Layer Styles
    Make a custom and memeable trading card game designs using layer styles and type tools.
  • Custom Look Up Tables
    Custom Look Up Tables
    Create a custom Look Up Table (LUT) and apply the LUT to make a unique photo collage poster design.
  • Repeat Patterns and Share for Review
    Repeat Patterns and Share for Review
    Make a custom brand repeat pattern for brand collateral, product designs, clothing lines, etc..
  • Glitch-n-Gif
    Create animated glitch effects on your photos and output as an animated .gif.
  • Architecture Sketches
    Architecture Sketches
    Use perspective tools and filters to transform architectural photos into sketches.
  • Design a Behance Project
    Design a Behance Project
    Share your work by creating a project on Behance. Learn the basics and the tips to help your work stand out!
  • Removing A Figure
    Removing A Figure
    Remove a figure from a group image while keeping the background and rest of the image looking natural.
  • Values & Contrast
    Values & Contrast
    Learn about creating a believable composite using techniques to match the values, contrast, and atmospheric perspective of an image.
  • Liquid Text Effects
    Liquid Text Effects
    Create text and give it a translucent liquid effect.
  • Ghostify Effect
    Ghostify Effect
    Give a figure a ghostly transparent appearance.
  • Anything Glows
    Anything Glows
    Learn how to give any object a convincing glowing effect and to add light to the scene around it.
  • Fuzzy Text
    Fuzzy Text
    Give text a realistic sense of furry texture and 3D form.
  • Action Movie Explosion
    Action Movie Explosion
    Use compositing, color grading and lighting techniques to recreate a classic movie scene of dramatically walking away from an explosion.
  • Surreal TV Screen
    Surreal TV Screen
    Create a surreal scene of an image breaking out of the frame of a TV screen using various compositing techniques.
  • Blur Magic and Motion
    Blur Magic and Motion
    Add dimension and movement in a flash by creatively using Path, Iris and Field Blurs with layer masks.
  • Creating Realistic Shadows
    Creating Realistic Shadows
    Discover new techniques to create the perfect shadow and combine it into your image seamlessly!
  • Melting Effects
    Melting Effects
    Use the power of liquify tools to melt your text and photos to create a unique and dynamic design.
  • Mapping Patterns onto Photos
    Mapping Patterns onto Photos
    Transform your photos by mapping patters onto objects, walls, or other elements in your composition.
  • Instant Exporting & Sharing
    Instant Exporting & Sharing
    Learn how to get instant feedback without giving up your design and how to auto-export as you work.
  • Dodge & Burn for Portraits
    Dodge & Burn for Portraits
    Sculpt your portraits by using adjustment layers and the dodge and burn tools in Photoshop.
  • Selective Color for Portraits
    Selective Color for Portraits
    Create a dynamic portrait by making certain colors pop using the selective color tools in Photoshop.
  • Color Lookup for Portraits
    Color Lookup for Portraits
    Edit the perfect portrait by using color lookup to balance and enhance your photos.
  • Handlettering
    Choose your favorite quote and use it to create a custom hand lettering poster with brushes, snapping grids and clipping masks.
  • Creative Portraits
    Creative Portraits
    Create bold and powerful illustrative elements with shapes, masks, and photo textures. Combine them with photographs to create amazing portraits.
  • Custom Brushes
    Custom Brushes
    Celebrate black hair! Create custom brushes that simulate curls, coils, braids and locs.
  • Neural Filters
    Neural Filters
    Use neural filters to color black and white photos. Experiment with selection tools and masks to isolate photo subject to make your project stand out.
  • Repeating Patterns
    Repeating Patterns
    Create some chunky, colorful design elements with shapes, brushes and clipping masks. Arrange your design elements and create multiple repeating pattern swatches.
  • Bobble Head Portrait
    Bobble Head Portrait
    Create a unique caricature using liquify and compositing tools!
  • Leaf Text Effect
    Leaf Text Effect
    Compositing leaves and typography to create an organic lettering design.
  • Photo Retouching 101
    Photo Retouching 101
    Expand your workflow with these tricks for Photo Retouching. Learn the basics and level up your skills.
  • Chunky 80's Chrome Icons
    Chunky 80's Chrome Icons
    Transform flat icons into glittering retro masterpieces with Selection Tools, Brushes, and color palette hacks!
  • Vintage Collectable Mock-Ups
    Vintage Collectable Mock-Ups
    Create a custom mock-up for a toy using Smart Objects, Masks and Adjustment Layers.
  • Animated Arcade Gifs
    Animated Arcade Gifs
    Animate the buttons, joysticks and screen of an arcade machine in the Photoshop Timeline.
  • Font Pairing with Purpose
    Font Pairing with Purpose
    Get into the groove of font pairing with Adobe Fonts! Study Font Packs and create your own experimental graphic.
  • Retro Photo Editing
    Retro Photo Editing
    Use Gradients, Blending Modes, and Adjustment Layers to dramatically alter the lighting of a photo. Replace the background with a new image for a full transformation.
  • Liquify Textures and Shapes
    Liquify Textures and Shapes
    Add drama and movement to a graphic design poster with Liquify, Gradient Maps and weathered textures.
  • Custom Pattern Brushes
    Custom Pattern Brushes
    Create Custom Brushes that mimic wood carved stamp textures. Apply them to black and white photos to give your image an organic, handmade vibe.
  • Pen Tool Posters
    Pen Tool Posters
    Using Shapes, Fonts and Snapping Guides, create a 60s inspired poster with bold colors and chunky design elements.
  • Tangled Type | Photoshop Typography Challenge
    Tangled Type | Photoshop Typography Challenge
    Create a typographic design be using the Intertwine feature in Illustrator to speed up your workflow
  • Auto Align | Photoshop Foundations Challenge
    Auto Align | Photoshop Foundations Challenge
    Use image stacks to remove subjects and then use the auto align tools to stay organized.
  • Silhouette Illustration | Photoshop Illustration Challenge
    Silhouette Illustration | Photoshop Illustration Challenge
    Create custom brushes and use the render tools in Photoshop to design a silhouetted illustration.
  • Fantasy Panorama | Photoshop Compositing Challenge
    Fantasy Panorama | Photoshop Compositing Challenge
    Use Adobe Stock assets to composite together a panorama style Fantasy landscape.
  • LinkedIn Banner Image | Photoshop Marketing Challenge
    LinkedIn Banner Image | Photoshop Marketing Challenge
    Use symmetry tools to create a unique banner for a business LinkedIn profile.
  • Animated Type In Photoshop | Photoshop Animation Challenge
    Animated Type In Photoshop | Photoshop Animation Challenge
    Create a promotion using animation in Photoshop. Then, export as a GIF or video.
  • Isometric Map | Photoshop Compositing Challenge
    Isometric Map | Photoshop Compositing Challenge
    Create an isometric map from landscape photography.
  • Krampus Holiday Invitation | Photoshop Foundations Challenge
    Krampus Holiday Invitation | Photoshop Foundations Challenge
    Use CC Libraries to create patterns to use on a holiday invitation.
  • Photoshop Selections 101
    Photoshop Selections 101
    Join us as we do a deep dive into the various different selection tools and the different situations you might need them for.
  • Combining Type with Photography
    Combining Type with Photography
    Reinvent your typography by incorporating photography with compositing tricks, masking, and blending modes.
  • Using Fresco with Photoshop
    Using Fresco with Photoshop
    Create a painted letter effect with the Mixer Brush tool and Multicolor Swatches in Fresco, then take your creation into Photoshop to add shadows, effects, and more.
  • Double Exposure Effect
    Double Exposure Effect
    Create stunning portraits by using blending modes and layering photography.
  • Halloween Portrait
    Halloween Portrait
    Reimagine your portrait with creepy look, using textures, glowing effects, and color grading techniques.
  • Retro Collage Effects
    Retro Collage Effects
    Use masking and filters to create a visually unified retro collage.
  • Magical Brush Effects
    Magical Brush Effects
    Create custom brushes and learn how to edit the settings to create a magical glowing particle effects.
  • Controlling Light & Shadow
    Controlling Light & Shadow
    Use dodge and burn tools along with blending modes to discover new ways to manipulate the contrast of an image.
  • Animation in Photoshop
    Animation in Photoshop
    Animate a letter inspired by the Netflix app intro using animation in Photoshop!
  • Blur Filters
    Blur Filters
    Create dramatic and atmospheric motion blur effects using motion and path blurs in Adobe Photoshop inspired by the branding for ‘Sandman’.
  • Distressed Typography
    Distressed Typography
    Distort & distress type by using layer masks and textures to create a punchy typography design inspired by ‘Peaky Blinders’.
  • Custom Movie Poster
    Custom Movie Poster
    Use Duotone effects to composite a custom movie poster with glowing text, inspired by ‘Stranger Things’.
  • Textures & Compositing
    Textures & Compositing
    Design a promotional graphic using bold, gritty design inspired by True Crime Documentaries.
  • Blending Modes for Beginners
    Blending Modes for Beginners
    Use blending modes to create an ‘after image’ effect with paranormal vibes inspired by ‘Archive 81’.
  • Create Your Own Character
    Create Your Own Character
    Transform simple shapes into custom robot characters inspired by ‘Love Death + Robots’.
  • Dynamic Word Marks
    Dynamic Word Marks
    Create a series of clever and dynamic wordmarks inspired by ‘Day Shift’.
  • Photo Editing & Sharing
    Photo Editing & Sharing
    Touch up your photos using content-aware and other tools, then share online.
  • Beautiful Text Effects
    Beautiful Text Effects
    Bend, blur and beautify text using Layer Effects, Filters, and Adjustment layers.
  • To The Moon!
    To The Moon!
    Learn how to select, mask, and combine photos together to make an out-of-this-world composite.
  • Color Matching Photos
    Color Matching Photos
    Learn how to blend one photo into another and match the color, light, texture perfectly using Neural Filters.
  •  'Fabstract' Portraits
    'Fabstract' Portraits
    Learn how to add fabulous, abstract color and effects using filters and Adjustment layers.
  • Dual Lighting Effects
    Dual Lighting Effects
    Create a two color lighting effect with Gradient Map adjustment layers and layer masks.
  • Perspective Bending
    Perspective Bending
    Apply a perspective-bending effect to a landscape image using layer transformations and layer masks.
  • Adding Light Rays
    Adding Light Rays
    Create custom light rays using gradient fills and adjustment layers to add visual interest to your photos.
  • #CreateWaves Double Exposure Effects
    #CreateWaves Double Exposure Effects
    Join the #CreateWaves campaign by creating a portrait with a double exposure effect while using ocean imagery.
  • #CreateWaves Hand Lettering For Beginners
    #CreateWaves Hand Lettering For Beginners
    Use the mixer brush to create wet and wild hand lettering from scratch to help promote the #CreateWaves campaign.
  • Actions Made Easy
    Actions Made Easy
    Create actions to speed up your process and maximize your workflow while creating an ocean themed collage.
  • Classic Travel Postcards
    Classic Travel Postcards
    Use typography tools and masking techniques to create a classic travel postcard.
  • Social Media Templates
    Social Media Templates
    Create social media templates to showcase your favorite place to enjoy the ocean.
  • Stylized Illustrations From Any Source
    Stylized Illustrations From Any Source
    Create a stylized illustration from any source by using gradient maps, blending modes, and layer styles.
  • Speed Up Your Workflow
    Speed Up Your Workflow
    Present more options faster than ever using Photoshop droplets to make batch adjustments.
  • Create A Logo From A Sketch
    Create A Logo From A Sketch
    Design your logo in a flash by using technology previews to convert your sketch into a logo.
  • Mood Boards Made Easy
    Mood Boards Made Easy
    Kick off your project with a mood board! We’ll be creating a mood board of all original pieces using color, type, and shapes.
  • Combine Gradients With Portraits
    Combine Gradients With Portraits
    Use gradient maps to transform a portrait into a work of art. Experiment with different methods to create a mixed media graphic.
  • Dynamic Hovering Tile Effects
    Dynamic Hovering Tile Effects
    Use layer styles to create a ‘Hovering Tile’ effect to add a dynamic flair to your design.
  • Create A Reflected Landscape
    Create A Reflected Landscape
    Harness the power of displacement maps and distortion filters to create a reflected landscape.
  • Custom Patterns For Beginners
    Custom Patterns For Beginners
    Learn to use the patterns panel by creating, saving, and applying a custom pattern to your design.
  • Creating Trendy Geometric Designs
    Creating Trendy Geometric Designs
    Create a geometric design with photos by using the liquify and transform tools.
  • Understanding Grids & Guides
    Understanding Grids & Guides
    Create a cutting edge design by using grids and snapping to remix an image.
  • Design With Vibrating Colors
    Design With Vibrating Colors
    Why do these colors not work!? Learn the basics of color theory and how to design with clashing colors that have high contrast.
  • Super Speed Blur
    Super Speed Blur
    Use motion blur and warping to give your photos a super speed effect.
  • Portrait Lighting Effects
    Portrait Lighting Effects
    Use adjustment layers, color dodge, and multiply to create unique lighting effects for portraits.
  • Smoking Text Effects
    Smoking Text Effects
    Create a smoking text effect by using masking, type tools, and compositing techniques.
  • Alien Skin
    Alien Skin
    Transform a portrait into a rendering of an alien using adjustment layers, blending modes, and the liquify tools.
  • Color a Painting
    Color a Painting
    Bring a grayscale painting to life by adding color using blending modes, color theory, and adjustment layers.
  • Retouch a Portrait
    Retouch a Portrait
    Remove blemishes and smooth textured skin by using frequency separation to retouch a portrait.
  • Retro Comic Graphics
    Retro Comic Graphics
    Make your design POP! by using shapes and type tools to create a retro, comic book text effect.
  • Alien Landscape Composite
    Alien Landscape Composite
    Use the environment mixer neural filter and composting techniques to create an alien landscape.
  • Social Bio
    Social Bio
    Create an attractive social bio or introduction graphic using shapes and alignment tools.
  • Ascending Type
    Ascending Type
    Create a social media post with levitating type using Adobe Fonts, transform tools and the Character Panel.
  • Fantasy Landscape
    Fantasy Landscape
    Make a dreamy fantasy landscape using Sky Replacement and Landscape Remix.
  • Chunky Colors
    Chunky Colors
    Design a social media post with chunky colorful elements. Try using Color Replacement to quickly create multiple iterations.
  • Distressed & Vintage
    Distressed & Vintage
    Distress an image, giving it a 90’s vibe using noise and other free textures from Adobe Stock.
  • Minimalist Shape
    Minimalist Shape
    Create and modify unique shapes with the Puppet Warp tool. Then, arrange your shapes and add gradients to create a trendy social post.