Pedro Cerisola

Canica Toy Lab

Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico
My interest as a designer is focused on objects that have a direct and more active interaction -physical or emotional-, with people; objects that surpass their functional aspect and are closer to an aesthetic or vivid experience, that are beyond the dynamics of the consumer society, but can reach the actual quality standards by adapting to the needs and demands of the present day.

There are objects that can make people laugh and think; they can capture their attention for hours or catalyze something to make them a little bit more aware, smart or curious. With these things in mind, I believe I can make a wider connection with the user.

Industrial design is a discipline that interests me because it seeks a point of balance between the liberty to express individuality and the opportunity to communicate and serve others. Another appealing aspect to me is experimentation in the creative, formal and technical stages of developing a product, and one of the reasons I am applying to the Royal College of Art is because you teach innovation and experimentation from the conception and first ideas of designing a product to its commercialization.

As a designer, a fundamental aspect to me is the use of ecologically and socially aware materials. After all, if people can establish a relation with the world through objects that I design it is important that this relation is made based on the best the world has to offer and of course, because it is vital not to harm our planet or its inhabitants. I see industrial design as a language or a medium through which I can help others.

Work Experience

Canica Toy Lab

Founder / Design Director, Canica Toy Lab

Brand conceptualization, product design, production and distribution of toys and products for children.
January 2012 - Present Querétaro, Mexico