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Eric Cochonneau

Orlando, FL, USA
Work Experience
Orlando, FL, USA
Apr 2009
Electronic Arts
Art Director
- Art direction of the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” franchise, defining and conceptualizing major visual features & benchmarks with the desired consumer experience in mind.
- Identifying art processes and techniques required to deliver all art assets to quality levels as defined by set visual benchmarks.
- Continually monitoring progress & iteration and ensuring all visual elements are delivered to AAA quality and benchmarks standards.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jan 2009Apr 2009
Art Director / Art Manager
- Contribution to the implementation of CryEngine tools & visual features used by “Crysis”. Art assets management and visual direction provided for the CryEngine3 GDC 2009 demo.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Apr 2005Jan 2009
Art Director / Art Lead
- Art direction including definition of an artistic vision, research and creation of the visual style documentation for an undisclosed AAA title for next-generation platforms.

- Directing and managing a team of 3 concept artists/mood painters to illustrate the overall look and feel for all aspects of the game.

- Management of a team of 10 in-house production artists. Project management using Agile Development (SCRUM). Planning, scheduling and quality control over the execution of all art assets.

- Provided art management and creative direction for a team of 8 artists of one of Crytek’s development studios located in Kiev, Ukraine, including on- and off-site training on the company's production pipelines and asset quality control.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 2004Apr 2005
Guerrilla Games
Lead Character Animator
Character animation during pre-production of Killzone™: Liberation.

- 3D character animator, using Maya©, responsible for all in-game character animations during the pre-production phase of Killzone™: Liberation.
- Motion capture clean-up & optimization, keyframed & rotoscoping animation.
- Creation of characters motion trees and animation blends using in-house proprietary tools.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jul 2004Oct 2004
Guerilla Games
Cinematic Art Director / Lead 2D Compositor
Post-production on the cinematic production for Killzone™.

- 2D special effects compositor, using Shake©, responsible for defining the visual style of Killzone™ cinematics, for setting up & coordinating a workflow process, and managing a team of compositors to ensure efficiency & visual consistency.
- Layers compositing, matting, color correction.
- 2D processing of Maya© 3D information to generate real-life visual effects, such as DOF, motion blur, fog, lighting, shadows, glare, film grain, etc...
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2003Jul 2004
Guerriila Games
Lead Character Animator
Character animation for Shellshock™ Nam'67.

- 3D character animator, using Maya©, responsible for the majority of in-game character animations & additional cinematic animations.
- Motion capture clean-up & optimization, keyframe & rotoscoping animation.
- Creation of characters motion trees and animation flow-graphs using Guerrilla’s proprietary softwares & tools.
Hilversum, Netherlands
Dec 2002May 2003
Streamline Studios
Art Director
Responsible for the artistic development, strategic planning and focus of the studio, including project/team management and quality control over all execution of contracts and services.

- Realization of Warhammer 40.000 TV series teaser, using 3ds Max and Combustion.
- Assets outsourcing management for “Street Racing Syndicate” , published by Namco, using 3ds Max and Photoshop.
- Supervision of artwork production over the studios in-house game project development.
Hilversum, Netherlands
Nov 2000Nov 2002
Valkieser Solutions
Art Director / Lead 3D Artist
Responsible for artistic and technical decisions on broadcast projects involving 3D production.

- Identity concept & logo design.
- Storyboarding, modelling, texturing, animation, special effects, compositing.
- Realization of 3D animated TV show leaders, station identity bumpers, TV shorts and commercials, DVD sequences and menus.
Aachen, Germany
Jul 1999Nov 2000
Cinematic Lead Artist
Demonworld™ 2 cinematic production.

- Realization of the 3D animated intro cinematic for the real-time strategy game Demonworld™ 2.
- Responsible for the visual style of the FMV, using 3dsmax©.
- Storyboarding, modelling, texturing, animation, special effects, compositing.
Essen, Germany
Jun 1997Jun 1999
Wings Simulations
Lead Artist
Panzer Elite™ WWII real-time strategy tank simulation for PC.

- Creation of the Art Style Guide & responsible for all visual aspects of the game.
- Realization of all 2D & most 3D content of the game (real-time models & textures, high-resolution graphics & animations, intro cinematic, GUI).
Oslo, Norway
Oct 1996Jun 1997
Concept Artist / 3D Artist
"Paradigm Shift" Online Game.

- Concept art & Character design for the different civilisations of the game.
- Realization of graphics for the interface of the game.
Strasbourg, France
Sep 1995Jul 1996
Masters degree in Computer Graphics
Toulon, France
Sep 1991Jun 1994
Campus "La Grande Tourrache"
Bachelors degree in Industrial Design
French (Native), English (Fluent), German (Fluent)
3D Modeling, 3ds Max, After Effects, Agile Project Management, Art Direction, Branding And Visual Identity, Compositing, Conceptual Art, Constructive Feedback, CryEngine, Dreamweaver, Flash, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Lighting, Lightroom, Maya, Outsourcing Management, Performance Reviews, Photography, Photoshop, Premiere, Project Management, Project Planning, Rigging, Self-motived Team Player/builder, Shader Creation, Sketching, Special Effects, Storyboarding, Team Leadership, Team Management, Technical Art Direction, Texturing, Unity3D, Visual Communications, Visual Development, Web Design