cameron mitchell

designer, illustrater, art director, retoucher.

Lewisville, TX, USA

Work Experience


Illustrator, designer

This company was a high end illustration and design boutique that billed many high profile clients.
I was trained by some of the best artists at a young age and learned many trade secrets from them. This allowed me to help grow other companies that Ive worked for.
Worked on billboards, magazine ads, covers, books, games boxes and game pieces, point of purchase displays, and packaging.
Worked with clients such as Coors, Hasbro, Matel, Time Magazine, and Lucas Arts.

5 Creative

Designer, Illustrator

Worked with clients such as Dell, Zales, Bed Bath and Beyond, Yamaha, and Sony.
Experience in working with photographers to achieve the best possible shot quality.
Many projects I worked whether it be design, or illustration were always changing due to clients requests.
Had to adapt to many change of the work place.
Coming from a design perspective, I was used to extracting client ideas and inputs into projects that changed day to day.
Was put in a leadership position to help focus the designers to achieve the same result.
Every job required out of the box thinking. After working like this for so long it has now become second nature to me.


Illustrator, designer, Retoucher, Junior art director

Awarded Elevate many new jobs from test and sample projects.
Experience with maintaining client happiness, while keeping the clients projects under their budget and estimate
Worked in an office environment and dealt with different personalities.
Experience in full project life cycle development for implementation and integration
Deep understanding of technology and focus on delivering business solutions.
Learned how to work with press check and trained my eye to detect subtleties in color differences.
Worked close with the creative director as his right hand man to help achieve his vision.


Retoucher, Designer

Was brought on as a contractor and hired full time as a jewelry retoucher and fine mineral retoucher.
After 6 months I was promoted to lead retoucher over jewelry and fine minerals.
Was given the opportunity to work day and night at press check for our catalog.
Worked with printers to help achieve the best quality prints and color match.
Worked as a designer to help the art directors develop designs and illustrations.


Retoucher, Designer

Is the company I currently work for as a contractor.
Learned alot about Corporate structure and office related edicate.
Worked on many catalog work and visual displays inside the stores.
Learned the ins and outs about image management, art director work flows, photography work-flows, and offshore work structure.
Was chosen to work on advanced projects to help achieve the creative directors goals.
Helped with jewelry catalogs, lifestyle shots, and packaging color corrections.


The Art Institute Of Dallas

Bachelor in advertising desing

Subscribed and Studied over a thousand hours of,,, and on my free time to keep me updated on the constant change of the industry.
Dallas, Texas, United States


Bridge, EdgeCode, Illustrator, Indesign, MacOSX, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Windows, WordPress,


Strong background in design, illustration and photo retouching.
Willing to learn and grow. Passionate about achieving a challenging position that allows meaningful contributions to a business’s success.
Dynamic personality that inspires people to want to work either for or with me.
I am persistent and driven, Im always looking for new ways to better myself. I view everyone that I encounter as a teacher, because I believe everyone has something to teach.
Excellent computer skills-applications related to the Adobe suite, Mac osx and Windows.
Comfortable with anything technical in nature such as, programs, Internet, software, and printing
Suburb leadership, interpersonal planning and communication abilities. A good attribute of mine is the ability to get along with anyone. I love meeting new people and I love sales.