Cathal Sheridan

Owner at HuKu

Donegal, Ireland
I am an enthusiastic designer with a passion for Human Factors Engineering, User Centred Design, User Experience Design, and Intelligent, useful, and beautiful design solutions with strong visual communications.
I have a strong foundation in the design process and its methods, particularly research led design, which I have used in the design of identity, branding, spatial design, and physical products.
A well designed product can create an immediate connection with the user, be it a physical, or a visual product, one which creates a positive response, and a strong relationship.
This type of good design can only come from good research, and allowing the research to have a voice while carrying out the design process.
Good design comes from a team, rather than an individual.
Collaborative environments that allow free flowing exchanges of ideas are very important, this allows a team to create something truly meaningful.

Work Experience


Industrial Designer

Key Responsibilities:

• Researching concept ideations
• Creating new product and brand concepts based on research findings.
• Leading design team to complete projects within the time frame set out.
• Leading design team in branding and marketing research and strategies.
• Managing timelines, workflow, and deadlines for design department.
• Utilising Solidworks CAD, and Adobe suite to create 3d and 2d designs.
• Creating sales catalogues and design reports using Adobe InDesign.
• Creating representational 3d product models utilizing 3d printers.
January 2015 - Ireland


Owner, Designer

Key Responsibilities

• Founder, and owner of HuKuboards.
• Created, and designer the HuKu brand.
• Designer and maker of products for sale into the surf, skate, and fitness industry.
• Created marketing strategies to create brand awareness of HuKu within its target market.
• Sponsorship of notable Irish surfers, and organising skate competitions throughout Ireland.
• Designed a manufacturing line, to implement high efficiency turn out of stock.
• Utilized CNC technology, and laser cutting technology in production of Hukuboard products.

Key Achievements:

• Throughout my time running Hukuboards, I created an Irish brand that entered the Irish surf industry and proceeded to overtake the market leader in the balance board sector. HuKuboards peaked at being stocked in 22 shops nationwide, as well as having a successful online sales record, reaching throughout Ireland and the UK, as well as throughout Europe and the Americas.
June 2007 - May 2017 Ireland

Vinehall Displays

Industrial Designer

Main Designer within the company where I designed spaces, products and graphics for various clients
March 2017 - March 2019 Ashbourne, Ireland

Perch Dynamic Solutions

Design Intern

Product Design Intern

Key Responsibilities

• Design intern to the owner, and head designer, Simon Dennehy.
• Researching product concepts, and carrying out secondary research.
• Design and creation of sales catalogues utilising Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator.
• Carried out logo and brand identity concept design for Perch product range.
• Created 3d representational models based on sketched designs.
• Utilising of 3d CAD to create 3d digital models of concepts.
June 2013 - September 2013 Ireland

Marc's Interior World

Cabinet maker, furniture maker

Cabinet Maker, Furniture Maker

Key Responsibilities:

• Creating bespoke kitchens and bedroom units from 2d drawings provided by management.
• Maker of bespoke pieces of furniture based on client and management drawings.
• Finisher of furniture pieces using spraying techniques.
• Managing timelines for furniture manufacturing.
• Training of junior Apprentices, and interns in the early stages of their apprenticeships.
November 2004 - July 2008 Ireland


I.T. Carlow

Product design innovation

Honours degree in Industrial design

Grade 1.1 in Industrial and product design innovation

Subjects covered:

• Sustainable design and innovation
• Visual communications
• International design movements
• Applied design management
• Marketing of design
• Design, and professional practice
• Applied research & user centred design
• Thesis: Post war polymers, with a focus on
chair design
September 2010 - June 2014 Ireland

Marcs Interior World

Cabinet maker

National certificate in cabinet making

Grade: Distinction

Subjects covered:

• Practical woodworking skills
• Theoretical knowledge, materials
• Design awareness
• Time management
• CNC Machining
August 2003 - July 2008 Ireland


English (Native),
French (Conversational),


Science Gallery/rx3

Winner - Thrash to cash design product design competition



Finalist - Pallet to product competition



Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Brand Development, CAD, Concept Development, Design Management, Design Researcher, Design Thinking, Event Management, Furniture Design, Keyshot, Market Researcher, Model Making, Packaging, Power Point, Product Development, Publisher, Solidworks,