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Carlo Maria Rossi
Concept Artist/ Set-Designer / Art Director

- Advanced skills as scenographer, including abilities in coordinati… Read More
Carlo Maria Rossi
Concept Artist/ Set-Designer / Art Director

- Advanced skills as scenographer, including abilities in coordination, props making and management, Interactive Windows Display, and low cost reconstructions.
Provide support to clients with Art and Creative marketing consultancy that unites art, technology, fashion, and cultural sectors with international brands and Artists.
Some Of The Brands & Organisations has been working : K11 - IFC Mall - Longchamp - Academy of fine Arts University Rome - CocaCola - Maserati - Grey Goose -Jeep- Porsche - MO&Co.

-Specific experience in photography / portrait studio related activities and scenery design.
-Experience in designing advertising material, commercials and on line or TV video communication / information spots.
-Sound knowledge of construction and finish techniques and materials generally used in these sectors and time needed for the concrete realization.
-Advanced capacity of management and execution of wood / metal / stone working / processing.
-Ability to read executive architectural drawings, also when it envisages technical exchange with customer / designer.
-Advanced knowledge of both analog and digital photography.
-Good knowledge in direction and experience as assistant director.
-Experienced in lighting, scenic painting and construction.
-Proficient ability in metal, wood and stone sculpture.
Proven ability to accomplish tasks, meet demanding schedule and commitments, observe tight deadlines and handle multiple concurrent activities under pressure. Ability to identify and organize priorities, leading to successfully accomplish all tasks assigned. Objective-oriented approach. Capacity to coordinate efforts with colleagues.
Dynamic person of high integrity; reliable professional with attitude to problem solving and creativity, who brings about personal added value to projects. Great communication and interpersonal skills; ability to adapt to multicultural and multilingual environment; adaptable to different situations, extremely open and respectful towards cultural diversity.
Flexible, versatile and keen on continuing learning. Although prone to work independently and assume responsibility, able to work in or lead a team and share information accordingly. Ability to exchange with colleagues, customers and suppliers to gradually improve work quality and increase customer satisfaction. Read Less
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