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Carlo Maria Rossi

Scenographer / communicaton expert
Carlo Maria Rossi
Born in Roma on 09/06/1986
Live in Shaghai, CHINA.

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Carlo Maria Rossi

Scenographer / communicaton expert
Carlo Maria Rossi
Born in Roma on 09/06/1986
Live in Shaghai, CHINA.

Mob: +86 187 1784 8029

Education and training

2011 I graduated with honors at Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, mastery in scenic / set design.

2010 Within the Erasmus Programme sponsored by the European Union, I was awarded with a scholarship and accordingly attended one academic year at the Faculty of Fine Arts (mastery in advertising photography) of the University of Granada (Spain).

2006 I obtained my High School Diploma (architectural studies) at the Artistic High School “Alessandro Caravillani” of Rome.
2005 In the occasion of a school art exhibition, I received an award of excellence.
1995 I attended my very first course of painting when I was nine years old and exhibited, at Art Gallery “Triangolo Verde” in Rome, one of the artworks realized.

Professional Experience
Currently i work as Project Manager for EBPC (European Business Promotion Center) in Shanghai.
2013 - 2014 I worked as Communication Expert for RED TOWN SCULPTURE SPACE in Shanghai.
2012 - 2013 In collaboration with “Arts ‘n’ Roll” organization, I worked as set designer, art-director and public relations / communication expert in the organization of special night events in many Roman clubs, namely ”Contrasto” (Pigneto - Roma), “Corsetti” (Trastevere – Roma) and “Il Basilico” (Monteverde – Roma). My work included design and production of advertising / promotion material, such as invitation cards, posters, stickers and pamphlets as well as the organization of events and awareness campaigns for youth against the abuse of drugs and alcohol in night clubs and for prevention of car accidents in the streets.
2012 I worked as scenographer in the frame of “ANTICO EGITTO” (Ancient Egypt) and “ANTICA ROMA” (Ancient Rome) book collections, presented by Italian science journalist and writer, Piero Angela, in collaboration with RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, Italy's national public-service radio and television broadcasting organization.
I worked as advertiser for Italian institutions and associations designing on line and TV video advertising spots conveying messages with social content, such as the video spots of the Valdensian Church on youth unemployment “Power to who does not have a Job” ( and translation in English may be provided upon request).
2011 I worked as scenographer in the frame of TV channel RAI 3 Documentary Fiction “Amore Criminale” (Love Crime). In particular, I was in charge of designing and creating the set and the scenic environments, as well as backgrounds and objects adapted to the context and philosophy of the television series.
2010 I collaborated with Italian photographer Marco Giuseppe Schifano ( as photo set designer. I arranged photographs exhibitions.
In December, in collaboration with “” organization, I participated as set designer and creative director in the temporary re-utilization of disused residential, commercial and industrial building. As a result, temporary creativity centers were created, interactions with the territory established and low cost reconstruction implemented.
2010 My cast sculpture titled “In Memory of Silvio” was presented on “Design You Trust” magazine ( . In that occasion, I received a special award of excellence.

2009 In collaboration with Prof. Paolo Ferruzzi’s School of Scenic Design, I participated in the design and realization of theatre sets for the National Dance Academy of Rome.

In Tunisia, I served as development cooperation volunteer within Associazione Alleviare la Povertà Onlus (ALPO – Association for Poverty Alleviation, an Italian Non Governmental Organization working in the field of international development cooperation in Africa). As cultural / communication expert, I was in charge of contributing to valorizing women’s handcraft and Tunisian Berber pottery and creating promotional materials (brochures, posters, gadgets), information messages and promotional awareness campaigns conveying messages with social content.

In December, I participated in the design and creation of the inauguration flag for the opening of “Palio di Madama Margarita”, historic celebration which commemorates the entry of Madama Margarita of Austria in her feud in 1538.

2008 In New York City (USA), I collaborated as set designer in “Sign of Sound” by Fabiana Yvonne Lugli Martinez, a mixture of different forms of creative communication including dance, jazz music and visual arts, which involves the audience in a multi-sensorial experience.
In April, I exposed one of my installations at the Art Gallery "12-13" in Trastevere, Rome.
2007 In January, I took part in “Euroscuola” festival, sponsored by the European Union, and ranking among the winners, I had the opportunity to participate in a session of the European Parliament in Strasburg.
2006 In January, I participated in the National Exhibit On Sacred Art in Cosenza (Italy) - Nights of Christmas - where I exposed one of my artworks.

In December, I participated in the tenth edition of "GalArte” art exhibition, and received a recognition award for Artists.

2005 I worked as set designer and public relations officer in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), at tourist resort “Hotel Iber Gran Sharm”.

2003 I worked as set designer and public relations officer in Calabria (Italy), at tourist resort “Il Tucano”, Le Castella. Read Less
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