Carey Lyn


Santa Monica, CA, USA
Provide creative design solutions to make far reaching concepts possible.

Work Experience



Branched off to launch an industrial design consultancy after contributing & leading design helping to win awards for companies in various spaces. The name speaks to the passion for design. This brand works to push the boundaries creating new form factors & function for compelling consumer goods in many facets such as product, medical & transportation.
2017 - 2020 California, United States

Art Center College Of Design

Design Instructor

Teaching next generation designers principles of design/function, problem solving and human factors by working through brand designated projects or sponsored projects.
2018 - 2020 California, United States

Hagie Mfg. Joint Ventured W/ John Deere

Chief Industrial Designer

Developed industry-leading autonomous products which led to the John Deere joint venture. Designed/managed exteriors, interiors, & UI/UX designs supporting R&D to define the company’s Brand. Set new industry standards to provide user-focused features, safety, enhanced ergonomics, & advanced aesthetics creating more desire for products while mentoring the team. Helped develop engineering packages, marketing accessories, & images. Hagie models worked on: DTS10, D400, STS series, limited production project & 2 generations of UI/UX.
2013 - 2017 Iowa, United States

Independent Contractor

Industrial Designer

2009 - 2012 California, United States


Managed team’s development of 3D models making 2D designs realized. Produced photo-real images and material shaders for interior/exterior finishes on 3D models to help companies evaluate design and save pre-production time, materials, and cost.


Wrote/Developed "Sling Baby" with a production team, which marketed toward the broad spectrum of viewers who watched the 2012 Super Bowl. It won the USA Today/Facebook Competition among all commercials that aired, setting a Nielsen record as the "Most-Remembered and Best-Liked Super Bowl Ad." Dream Wireless Developed designs for a mobile electronics device to propel the company from entry-level mobile cases to high-end electronics, increasing sales and brand recognition in the market.

Knot Design

Designed sunglasses for the Melodies line by Mary J. Blige. The designs reflect her personal style and love of 60s eye wear while infusing a fresh, current approach.

Cleveland Golf

Created golf drivers that are designed to enhance the playing experience through technological feedback and explored a new form factor, speed boats moving though water/air to challenge the design of this product which moves.

G1 Design

Developed a graphic logo for an automotive race team that signifies passion for racing. The logo reflects strength and longevity.

Karten Design

Served on a 3-member team designing and rendering production concepts for an electronic company moving aggressively into high-end audio equipment.

Jakks Pacific

Designed and illustrated toy concepts alongside the movie Tron while in pre-production. The toy project involved functioning lights/sounds for action play.

Axis Wheels

Designed two new rims for the next generation of wheels in the line-up helping the company to achieve the highest position in after-market sport and luxury wheels.


Product Designer

Lead designer for multiple Matchbox lines. Real Working Rigs introduced large diecast trucks with moving parts. Super Convoys was scaled up and created potential for play with other diecast vehicles for new buyers and existing collectors. Developed vehicles alongside other designers to make Matchbox the fastest growing brand within Mattel.
2007 - 2009 El Segundo, California, United States


Audi Transportation Designer

Created unique lead designs, described as ‘the more aggressive themes for the Audi A7,’ helping to drive sportback silhouettes & graphics for the brand spilling over to VW models. Like my concepts, the A7 led the trend of 5-dr coupes with a DLO rear kick-up by the C-pillar influencing competitors today. Audi models utilizing similar themes are the A5 Sportback, 2018 A7, 2022 E-Tron GT, & 2023 A6 E-Tron. Proposed a new vehicle for the Seat brand.
2006 - 2006 California, United States


Art Center College Of Design

Industrial Design B.S.

Pasadena, California, United States