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Calvin Tabor

Staff Designer

(234) 380 3076
I am currently pursuing an entry level position in product design.
Charlotte, NC, USA
Aug 2012
Product Designer
I am part of the two man design team that works on all aspects of the design process at Contour Products. Not only do I work on the design of products here, I provide input on the product's packaging, graphics, and marketing, and I work with manufacturers in both China and the US to ensure the designs are properly manufactured to our specifications. Since coming to Contour I have worked on implementing a tighter design process that includes the use of Design Briefs, and scheduled review dates. I've also been able to start planning towards a brand guide for the company.
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Jul 2012Aug 2012
Design Intern
Working along side the talented team at Nonobject I participated in everything from concepting to prototyping. Unfortunately I was unable to stay with the company due to my housing arrangements falling through. Though I was only there for a short time I learned a lot from them, it was an experience I'll never forget.
Charlotte, NC, USA
Sep 2011May 2012
Design Contractor
I worked with the marketing department to conduct in depth product research. A major part of the research involved setting up a booth at a local flea market to allow interaction and dialogue with perspective users of the products. They were able to try out a number of the products. The information gleaned from the experience was then presented to the CEO.
Cleveland, OH, USA
Aug 2011Dec 2011
Design Contractor
Myself and four other designers worked to generate some new ideas for Diebold's internal design team to apply to their current products. The main focus was on preventing card fraud. Through research presentations, multiple sketch concepts, and simple physical mockups of the designs mechanical functions we came up with solid solutions that could be applied in a variety of areas in the Diebold product line.
Santa Monica, CA, USA
May 2011Aug 2011
Design Intern
Worked with the boys interactive team to develop products for popular lines such as Max Force and SpyNet. I learned a lot about the toy design world, and even more about working as a team toward a common goal. Much of the work I did was conceptual and involved a large quantity of sketches, both analog and digital, as well as the creating of rough physical mockups of new concepts.
Cleveland, OH, USA
Aug 2010Dec 2010
Design Contractor
I worked with Nestle's marketing department to produce design concepts for a possible line of cookie baking products related to the Nestle Toll House brand. The project utilized my skills in sketching, photoshop rendering, digital modeling, and digital rendering. The final design was never utilized, but was highly praised during the final presentation to executives at Nestle.
Cleveland, OH, USA
Aug 2009May 2012
Industrial Design
I graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design in 2012
Mar 2011
Saint Gobain Sustainability and Innovation Competition
First Place in Finals and Semi Finals
Analog Sketching And Rendering, Digital Modeling In Multiple Programs, Digital Sketching And Rendering, Familiar With Most Shop Related Tools